A role we’ve never seen them in before? Markíza is preparing a popular show again: these famous faces should appear on it

Viewers can look forward to Season 7 of Your Face Looks Familiar, Who Are We Likely To See?

According to Mediaboom.sk, a secret list of famous Slovak faces who are to appear in the sequel to the flagship show Your Face Looks Familiar has been leaked. According to the portal, a similar list is posted online regularly before the start of each show, and usually only a few names are confirmed. Who on the list will it be this time? Will it be a surprise, like in the Farm, where Evelyn was replaced?

Diva.sk The marquee has been replaced by Evelyn: The farm will be animated by a man! The famous Slovak actor is a big surprise

Will this be the complete Your Face Sound Familiar season 7 line-up?

The secret list appeared about a month before the show started, and eight well-known names were added to Wikipedia, if Markíza finally confirmed them all, we would know the full list of stars performing this year. However, Mediaboom reports that the original slate has already been taken down.

According to the portal, popular actor Filip Tůma, who was on the same list last year, should finally appear on the show, but his participation in the show has been discussed since the first series in 2015. This year, for example, Simone Salátová is also in discussion, that she could be part of the show.

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Nela Pocisková and Filip Tůma Source: Instagram

His colleague Zuzana Mauréry was also on last year’s list, which did not appear in Tvoja vča za familiar. Would this happen in Season 7?

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Zuzana Mauréry also took part in the Karlovy Vary festival in 2016. She plays one of the main characters in the film Report on the rescue of the dead, who is fighting for the Crystal Globe.Photo: Václav Šlauf / MAFRA / Profimedia Source: Profimedia

Here are the other star names that were on the list:

Jan Kolenik

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Ján Kolenik Source: Instagram

Adam Pavlovcin

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Adam Pavlovčin Source: TV Markiza

Zuzana Cimová

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Source: Instagram

Sarah Arato

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Sarah Arató Source: Instagram, TV Markiza

Kristof Kralik

Photo gallery

Kristof Kralik Source: Instagram, TV Markiza

Kveta Horvathova

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Kveta Horváthová Source: Instagram

Ján Koleník has also scored on Let’s Dance and would definitely be an asset to Tvoje vča zdan familiari. What does he think of his victory in the dance show?

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