After weeks of silence, Ricky Martin has finally spoken, he will not go to prison: I do not wish that on anyone …

There is no worse situation than when your loved ones, who should be your greatest life support, betray you. Ricky Martin had a very sad experience with his nephew, who did not even hesitate to accuse him of sexual harassment in court.

The accusation of an alleged love affair and violence with his nephew was devastating for him

Singer Ricky Martin had an unexpected argument with his 21-year-old nephew Denis. The latter accused him of having to suffer sexual harassment from him and because of this he asked for a restraining order and damages. Last week, however, the youngster surprisingly decided to drop all charges. He said in court that he did so voluntarily and without coercion. Due to lack of evidence, the lawsuit was canceled and Martin thus definitively rid himself of this burden. After a long silence, the singer finally decided to speak to TMZ magazine.

Video A love story with a nephew that didn’t turn out well? He faces 50 years in prison: Ricky Martin risks…

“I’m on camera today because I really need to talk to start my healing process. Thank goodness the claims turned out to be wrong, but I’ll tell you the truth. It was so painful. C It was devastating to me, to my family, to my friends. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone,” Ricky Martin said in his defense.

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Ricky Martin in the first photos after the accusation against his nephew, July 2022, Los Angeles Source: Profimedia

Lawyers advised him not to comment on the case

Fans of the famous singer were shocked by such harsh accusations. After all, this wouldn’t be the first instance of harassment to take place in show business. The situation was not improved by the fact that Ricky Martin did not comment on the lawsuit and the court. For a moment, he seemed to feel guilty and that’s why he preferred to keep a docile silence. He also eventually explained his actions in a published interview.

“For two weeks I was not allowed to defend myself because I followed the procedure, according to which the law required me not to speak until I arrived in court,” revealed the singer. His lawyers therefore advised him not to say anything in public and to wait for the outcome of the trial, also because of the possible obstruction of the proceedings.

Despite everything, he wishes nothing bad for his nephew

Denis prepared hot moments for his uncle. Even though all charges have been dropped, it will still leave a mark on his reputation. Ricky Martin may not stand trial, but some people will forever suspect his nephew’s words were true. Although the singer is very aware of it, he does not harbor negative feelings towards his loved one, which he has proven in his video.

“I wish the best to whoever has claimed this nonsense. And I wish him to find help so that he can start a new life filled with love, truth and happiness and not hurt anyone else. My priority now is to heal. And how to heal? By music. I can’t wait to be back on stage. I can’t wait to be back in front of the cameras having fun doing what I do best,” he revealed some of his plans. In his first statement, he also thanked not only all of his relatives and lawyers, but also the fans who defended him without hesitation and believed in his innocence.

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He is supposed to suffer from mental problems

Ricky Martin’s attorney also shed some more light on the case. He made an exclusive statement to the People portal, in which he explained the possible reasons for the actions of the nephew of the famous singer. “Unfortunately, the person who made this claim is struggling with serious mental health issues. Of course, Ricky Martin has never been – and never will be – involved in any sexual or romantic relationship with his nephew,” said attorney Marty Singer.

Apparently, Denis was completely unaware that his irresponsible behavior could not only damage his uncle’s reputation, but would also send him to prison for several years if charged.

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