Another blow after breakup, she goes to court: Popular singer Shakira is in serious trouble

The popular singer announced just a few weeks ago the split with the father of her two children, now she faces a scandal for tax evasion. However, he denies the charges.

Singer Shakira will go to court

Colombian singer Shakira will go to court in Spain. She rejected the agreement with the Spanish public prosecutor’s office, which accuses her of tax evasion of an amount of 14.5 million euros. This was announced by the singer’s public relations team on Wednesday, writes the AP agency. According to the team’s statement, Shakira “believes in her innocence and has decided to leave the whole matter in the hands of the law.”

Prosecutors accused the 45-year-old singer in 2018 of failing to pay 14.5 million euros in taxes to the Spanish government on her 2012-14 earnings. If convicted of tax evasion, she faces a fine and potentially jail time.

More detailed information about the deal offered by the prosecutor’s office to Shakira to settle the entire dispute was not immediately known. It is not even known when the trial could begin in the matter.

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Shakira Source: Profimedia

He continues to deny the allegations

Shakira’s team insists the singer owes nothing to the Spanish tax authorities. The question of where Shakira actually lived in the years 2012-14 is crucial in assessing the whole affair. The Spanish prosecutor’s office says she mainly stayed in Spain, although her official residence was in the Bahamas.

Shakira, whose full name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripollová, has two children with FC Barcelona soccer star Gerard Pique. The couple used to live together in Barcelona, ​​but recently ended their 11-year relationship.

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Shakira and Gerard Pique, in New York, 2019 Source: Profimedia

Shakira (45) and Spanish footballer Gerard Pique i Bernabeu (35) were among the most admired couples in the world. They have two adorable children together, sons Milan and Sasha, and they try to live their lives privately, but global media recently reported that the couple have been living apart for some time. Shakira had to kick Gerard out of the house after she herself caught him cheating in bed:

Photo The end of the fairy tale, even Shakira herself confirmed this: did she catch it with someone else and finally with a younger woman? A woman,…

Remember with us in the photo gallery, how they did it:

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