Before and now? Ivana Gáborík showed off her sexy curves

The popular Slovak influencer and dancer can boast of having a great figure in daring clothes soon after giving birth!

Ivana Gáborík received praise for her figure

Ivanka Gáborík knows what suits her and probably thanks to the fact that she has been dancing and exercising all her life, she managed to get in shape very quickly after her first and second birth. Together with Marián and her daughters, they once again enjoyed their beloved Croatia, where she showed off in cute outfits. Like Twiinska, she’s also garnering praise on Instagram. See in the photo gallery how Ivanka looked like before, she was always one of the most beautiful women in our show business, and now she herself remembers her old TOP form, wow:

Sexy curves, but a real look

Despite the fact that Ivanka has a beautiful figure, she does not try to deform anything to her fans, and from the very beginning she openly talked about her belly, which gradually shrank after childbirth. She never tried to take it off even in the photos. She showed off her sexy feminine curves in a leopard print dress, and just months after giving birth, she looks amazing!

Photo gallery

Ivanka Gáborík showed off her sexy curves. Source: Instagram

A month ago, she also posed in a swimsuit! Shortly after the birth, the Gáboriks went to the sea in Croatia, and Ivanka even then (more than a month ago) boldly posed in a bathing suit with a big smile on her face. They gave women a tip for great swimwear that doesn’t have to worry about a postpartum belly and look how it looks on her!

Photo gallery

Shortly after giving birth, Ivanka Gáborík also posed in a swimsuit. Source: Instagram

Family time in Croatia, but they don’t forget the romance either

The Gáboriks regularly return to Croatia, where they enjoy family time by the sea and in the sun. However, even after years and with two children, the favorite Slovak couple does not forget their romance, and from time to time the couple can be seen to have dated.

Photo gallery

Ivanka Gáborík and her husband Marián do not forget the times they spent together. Source: Instagram

Recently they even celebrated their wedding anniversary and both made a romantic confession, although even then Ivanka does not try to present her life as a fairy tale and admitted that they go through situations like everybody.

Ivanka admitted to health complications

A woman like the others! Ivanka Gáborík openly communicates with her fans about all her joys and sorrows, so she did not hesitate and even confided in the postpartum health complications that many women experience – diastasis. “Yesterday I made a commitment to find at least 15-20 minutes every day for diastasis-oriented exercises. During rehabilitation with a physiotherapist, we went through various exercises and their correct technical execution. If my belly does not go better, I want to avoid other exercises with weights so that my diastasis does not worsen”, she wrote.

Photo gallery

Ivanka Gáborík tries to exercise every day. Source: Instagram

Ivanka Gáborík has remembered her old form! Here’s what she looked like years ago in a bathing suit:

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