Big surprise, Markíza has been replaced by Evelyn: The farm will be animated by a man, a well-known Slovak actor

Soon Markíza TV will launch another series of the popular reality TV show Farma, and a big surprise is the change of presenter. For the first time, his place will be a man!

Marquise decided to change

First of all, the reality show Farma was hosted by Kvetka Horváthová for many years – from 2011 to 2017 she was its absolute star. Then came a change, and the role of moderator was taken over by well-known actress Eva Evelyn Kramerová, who moderated it until today. Currently, the 14th season of Farmy will start already at the end of the summer, and the surprise came today when the television announced that this time the presenter will be a man for the first time. He is none other than the Slovak actor, known mainly from the Oteckovia series and now also from the latest Let’s Dance series, Marek Fašiang!

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Images from the first evening of Let’s Dance – Marek Fašiang with his dance partner Source: Ivan Hrušovský

Marek Fašiang will host farm number 14

Regarding his new role, he said: “I decided to accept the role of moderator, because Farma has been one of Markíza’s most watched programs for many years, and it is an honor and at the same time a great professional challenge for me. to be part of it. I was convinced by the confidence of the people behind the project, the new format of this show, as well as the fact that I love nature, animals and games. J ‘m looking forward to filming outdoors, confrontations with different types of people and tasting absolutely organic-eco homemade products, which I hope the farmers will offer me, “revealed the television on its FB page.

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And what does Evelyn herself say about the change?

“I’m not going to run away from rabbits like that anymore. #ajojpajojfarma 4 years ago, from my point of view, I came to this profession like a hen blind to the grain (hello?! some agricultural terminology) During from the first meeting, I greeted people with the words “Welcome to Farbe” and the cooperation began, which lasted 4 beautiful years! I do not want to confuse the circumstances and be terribly nostalgic, but I am really grateful.

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Evelyn Source: Canopy

Especially for the people I met there

I will especially miss my colleagues who have a special place in my #lubkámvás As if I said to myself. Your stay at the Farm is coming to an end and I can run away from the clogs for a new adventure that I am looking forward to! I am free and it is a beautiful feeling. Thanks for watching, thanks to those who believed in me and supported me on this journey. You know what they say, one door closes and another door (and Pandora’s box) opens. Hugs and thank you,” Evelyn herself wrote on the sidelines of today’s news. We keep our fingers crossed for her and look forward to new challenges and Marek. Watch the video interview where Evelyn also talked about her efforts to lose weight and how she succeeded:

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