Angok Achuil Angok Achuil, Documentation

Angok Achuil Angok Achuil

Professor Angok Achuil Angok Achuil is a lecturer and academic who has worked closely with the international community to advocate for peace and democracy in South Sudan. Mr. Angok Achuil heads the Department of Diplomatic Studies at the University of Juba and serves the National Dialogue as Head of Documentation.

Mr. Angok Achuil has a Bachelor’s in Divinity from St. Paul University, a Post-graduate degree in Ecumenical Studies from the University of Geneva. He received a Master’s in Diplomacy from the University, of Nairobi in 2013, where he wrote a thesis about the importance of long-term regional cooperation in South Sudan’s pursuit of successful nationhood: “Enhancing South Sudan Vision Through Regional Cooperation and Integration: An Analysis of South Sudan Vision 2040”.

In addition to his duties at the University of Juba, Mr. Angok Achuil has been a Visiting Lecturer Bishop Gwynne Theological College since 2014, as well as a Border Advisor for Warrap State in South Sudan.