Gen. Pagan Amum

Pa'gan Amum Okiech

General Pa’gan Amum Okiech is a South Sudanese politician and former rebel leader who played a crucial role in securing South Sudan’s independence. Gen. Amum began his work under the close tutelage of Dr. John Garang and led the peace talks that resulted in the 2011 independence referendum.

After independence, Gen. Amum held important leadership positions within the government of South Sudan but took a very different opinion on several key issues, leading to a power struggle that resulted in ouster from South Sudan in 2015. Both Gen. Amum and members of the government of South Sudan have accused the other of assassination attempts.

Despite Gen. Amum’s troubled relationship with standing members of the government of South Sudan, however, it is hoped that Gen. Amum will be a part of the National Dialogue process in order to contribute to an agreement on a lasting peace and free and fair elections. As is the case with Riek Machar and other important and influential opposition leaders, participation in the National Dialogue will create an outcome that reflects the interests of the broadest possible number of citizens of South Sudan.