General Thomas Cyrilo Swaka

Thomas Cirilo Swaka

Thomas Cyrilo Swaka is a former general and senior leader within the South Sudan military. He was also a senior member of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM). In early 2017, Gen. Cyrilo resigned his position to initiate an opposition movement, with the goal of uniting a coalition of opposition movements in order to move forward a national peace process built on tribal and ethnic diversity.

While technically an insurgent and a military general, Gen. Cyrilo’s efforts are widely viewed as political and non-violent. President Salva Kiir has extended a pardon to Gen. Cyrilo and it is the hope of many in South Sudan that Cryilo, who hails from Equatoria, will not only accept the pardon but participate in National Dialogue consultations and represent the interests of the large and important populations of Equatoria that are not part of the Dinka ethnic community.