Vice President James Wani Igga

James Wani Igga

James Wani Igga (born 1949) is a respected military commander and politician and has served as the Vice President of South Sudan since August 2013. He was preceded by Riek Machar. Vice President Wani is credited with masterminding the transition of the SPLM from a military organization into a political party and has been respected for his intellectual strength by the civilian community throughout his career. At various times in the 20 years prior to independence, he served as the spokesman for South Sudan’s independence movement in talks with the government of Sudan.

Vice President Wani made headlines by calling for women’s participation in the National Dialogue to bolster its inclusivity and its credibility among the people of South Sudan. Vice President Wani holds a P.h.D. in Business Administration and wrote a thesis entitled “Improving the Taxation Policy for Business Investors, Both Local and Foreign: The Case of South Sudan.”