Couples in love at Pohoda 2022: Grand premiere of Dominika and her new boyfriend, the president’s daughter also came with her boyfriend

During the last weekend, Slovakia experienced the Pohoda 2022 festival. After an enforced break caused by the pandemic, it was held again at Trenčín airport after two years. Several couples in love came to the festival, which did not escape us!

Pohoda 2022 brought several inspiring outfits, which we showed you in the BEST selection. However, several couples in love came to enjoy the atmosphere of the festival and did not stray a step away.

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Dominika Roskova and Adam Rehak

Dancer Dominika Rošková and her partner Adam Rehák are among the new couples in Slovak show business. The couple met at the Let’s Dance show, where they danced alongside actor Adam Bardy.

The charismatic Rošková initially kept her relationship with the young businessman a secret, but today they no longer hide from the public. It was the Pohoda festival that was their big social premiere. Apparently, they didn’t notice the curious stares at all.

“Every day we feel more and more that our souls belong together. We have found ourselves in many things and we will see what time will show. We are not focused on the fact that this has to be forever. We will very well together and we’ll see how it evolves. But so far it’s working and I have to admit that I’m happy,” she revealed in an interview with

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Dominika Rošková and Adam Rehák Source: Instagram: emma_caputova

Ivana and Marian Gaborik

Dancer Ivana Gáborík and hockey player Marián Gáborík also enjoyed Pohoda hand in hand. A well-known hockey player even sat on the Respondent’s chair in the tent program of the festival.

Despite these work obligations, Gáborík took full advantage of the festival atmosphere with his family, they even managed to ride the Ferris wheel. “This year we also discovered new corners, which particularly attracted the attention of the younger generation. But this positive atmosphere and this incomparable energy were with us during all the days of the festival”, revealed Ivana Gáboríková.

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Ivana Gáborík, photo: IG/ iversanns Source: Instagram

Natalia Homolová and Roland Majer

If you are one of the fashion and social media fans, you will definitely check out the Slovak blogger Natinstablog, who has lived in London for many years, but always returns to Slovakia with love.

Natália and her fiancé Roland regularly attend festivals and can boast of having experienced the famous Coachella firsthand. However, this year’s Pohoda will remain special to them forever.

Natália jokingly noted that she spent almost all of Pohoda breastfeeding her son Theo. Even though he didn’t walk away from his mother, he enjoyed the festival and wasn’t even afraid of our goal.

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Natália Homolová and Roland Majer Source: Instagram: emma_caputova

Emma Čaputová with her boyfriend Michal

Even the beautiful Emma Čaputová did not miss the popular Pohoda. The daughter of our president came to support her mother, who flew to Trenčín airport on Saturday for talks called Café Europe with Štefan Hríb.

Zuzana Čaputová admitted during the chat that she misses Pohoda very much and is looking forward to his return. “I like to talk about the fact that meeting people recharges my batteries, and that goes especially for this festival. The good atmosphere and the many random encounters are a joy that I believe will come back to us every year,” he said. -she writes in a post on her Instagram.

However, our president’s daughter was not accompanied by her mother to Pohoda, but by her boyfriend. Michal, with whom she also appeared at the premiere of the Czech film Prezidentka a few days ago.

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Emma Čaputova Source: Instagram: emma_caputova

You can find more photos of these couples and fashion moments from Pohoda 2022 in our photo gallery, SR President Zuzana Čaputová also bathed in love with her boyfriend:

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