Dara is beaming with happiness, although she confessed that the relationship was rather long distance! Our favorite couple also celebrated their anniversary: ​​It’s a lot of work, but love is worth it…

They celebrated their first anniversary the Italian way! Dara Rollins has been happily in love with her new love for a year now.

They have been together with Pavlo for a year! Birthday in Sardinia

The singer is currently enjoying the sea and the sun in Sardinia, and of course Pavel Nedvěd is by her side. The couple have a lot to celebrate as they had a successful first year. “Today is exactly one year since we had our first coffee together, on Lake Garda,” Dara shared in her recollection.

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Dara Rolins and Pavel Nedvěd celebrated their birthday! Source: Instagram

They celebrated their first anniversary on a champagne boat and Dara literally shines in the photos! We can see that she gets along well with her partner and has found love again. However, the two are also very precious to each other as they spend little time together, so the moments together are very precious to them.

How do they handle a long distance relationship?

Due to work commitments and daughter Dara Rollins, the loving couple have a long-distance relationship. While the singer mainly stays in Prague, Pavel is in Italy. Dara revealed to eXtra.cz that she is usually the one who travels to see Pavlo, and in Italy they can enjoy more intimacy and romantic moments, as she is not as well known there as here. . For now, they manage their relationship from a distance because they see each other often enough to keep the relationship going.

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Dara Rolins and Pavel Nedvěd Source: Instagram: dararolins_vermi

She isn’t thinking about moving permanently to be with her love yet, because Laura is still going to school and that’s how it works for them for now.

Another popular couple also celebrated their anniversary

July 17 was also an important day for Majko Spirit and his wife Maria Dušička. The couple celebrated their second wedding anniversary and shared romantic photos on Instagram. “You know a tree by its fruit and our marriage produces beautiful things…It’s a lot, a lot of work, but the love is always worth it,” the rapper wrote.

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Majk Spirit and Maria Dušička celebrated their birthday! Source: Instagram

Maria agrees with his words and shared with her fans her husband’s words that his greatest success in life is his marriage to her. The happy couple in love is one of the most attractive couples in our show business!

Look how beautifully Majk Spirit talks about his wife! You can see what he revealed exclusively for Diva.sk in the video:

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