Do you remember? She was a beautiful bride, she wore dresses like world celebrities! 5 years have passed since the pompous marriage of the Gáborík family, how are they today?

Love is not something that happens, writes Ivana. After Viktor and Adele Vinczeová, the Gáboriks are also celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary! Did you know that the two couples said “yes” to each other in the same place?

They have been married for 5 years

In a beautiful romantic mansion in Tomášovo, five years ago, the Vinczes first said their “yes” and soon after, the Gáboriks. Ivana presented herself as an elegant bride in a wedding dress, the price of which reportedly reached 8,000 euros. The whole party was pompous, many distinguished guests came, a popular band and there were even fireworks.

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In five years of marriage, two daughters have been added to the family, and it seems that Ivan and Marián have no need for family happiness and love even after 11 years of relationship. Today they are celebrating their anniversary and Ivana shared moving words with which, according to fans, she summed up what love and marriage is all about.

Life is not always just a fairy tale

“Today I know that love is not something that happens. Just like life itself, it is not a fairy tale where everyone lives happily ever after the bell rings. Love is what we create together. You with me and me with you. We create experiences that turn into memories. We show ourselves that we are more important to ourselves than others. Together we overcome obstacles, misunderstandings and problems. We listen to each other, we support each other, we care about each other, we touch each other and we dream,” Ivana wrote on her Instagram.

Lukáš Kimlička was responsible for the perfect look and dresses that world stars are looking for

The wedding in Tomášov was really big, and the Gáborik family invited 130 guests, 40 of whom slept in the romantic mansion. According to Marián’s family, the reception was also greeted by the staff, who acknowledged that the wedding was truly special. For example, Daniela Hantuchová, with whom the well-known hockey player was connected before admitting his relationship with Ivana, also came. There were also famous hockey names such as Marián Hossa, Tomáš Tatar, Branko Radivojevič or Zdeno Chára. The group IMT Smile with Lúčnica came to play for the newlyweds.

On this important day, Ivana confided in designer and stylist Lukáš Kimlička and famous hairdresser Patrik Suša Veselý. The bride chose a Berta wedding dress and it undoubtedly cost several thousand euros (it is believed to be 8) with interesting lace, which was also sought after by some world celebrities at that time.

The Vinczes have been married for the same amount of time, what is their recipe for a happy relationship?

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