First photo, beautiful bride: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have married, they are husband and wife! After all, love worked on the second try…

After all, it worked for them, they finally found their happiness. The wedding of the year passed in silence and the couple proved that love is truly worth the wait.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are married!

It often happens in life that we only understand certain things over time. This is in a way also the case of the singer and actress Jennifer Lopez (52 years old) and Ben Affleck (49 years old). After the engagement came another joyful, somewhat unexpected news, the couple have already said their YES. So they broke not only the common house, but also the paper:

The website came up with the information the couple were supposed to get married in Las Vegas. According to court records obtained by TMZ, the couple obtained their marriage license in Clark County, NV on Saturday, July 16. Many thought that in the case of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck it would be a lavish wedding, but the opposite is true. The couple wanted to enjoy their big day privately and took the big step in life without unnecessary public stares. No wonder, each of them has already done a lot.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, marriage license Source: Profimedia

The first photo of the happy couple!

Shortly after the first information about the wedding was published, the first photos of the happy couple arrived. The first photos were shared by Jennifer herself.

“I’ve had this dress for so many years and just saved, saved, saved, and now I’m wearing it on my wedding day,” the bride herself revealed a bit more and wrote below the post. , “Lovely, Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck,” suggesting she might be using her husband’s last name, which stars usually don’t. At the iconic Little White Wedding Chapel in Vegas, Lopez changed into a must-have Zuhair Murad wedding dress, and of course there was a veil too. Take a look in the photo gallery to see how it went for the bride and groom:

The couple enjoyed their wedding privately and were congratulated by many famous personalities. Actress and ex-wife of Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, was the first to personally congratulate the newlyweds. It’s no secret that even after the divorce they maintain a friendly relationship and Jenn in particular stands by her ex-husband.

They didn’t make it the first time

Thing is, their love was huge even years ago and the great media interest may have contributed to their breakup, so it’s no wonder they initially shunned reporters. Almost 20 years have passed since the couple was truly a dream couple, and just before the wedding they went their separate ways, each going their own way. They parted for a while, but fate still brought them closer.

The couple first met on the set of Gigli. While the film received quite a bit of criticism, their relationship quickly took off. During filming, Jennifer was married to her second husband, Cris Judd, but in November 2002, Ben proposed to Jennifer. However, only days before the ceremony, they postponed the wedding due to the media frenzy, it was not until the beginning of the following year, in January 2004, that they officially announced their separation. The reason for their separation raised many questions and remains a mystery to this day.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck when they were a couple. Source: Profimedia

They only found their happiness after years and failed relationships

Shortly after officially breaking up with Ben Affleck on June 5, 2004, Jennifer Lopez married Marc Anthony in Los Angeles, later they had twins. Just a year after Jennifer’s wedding, Ben also got married, he found happiness with actress Jennifer Garner, with whom he now has three children. The well-known actor was married to Jennifer Garner from 2005 to 2018. Their marriage also went through a rough patch as Ben struggled with alcoholism which destroyed their marriage but she was the one who, regardless. , was always faithful to his side. .

Even these relations did not last, Jennifer Lopez then formed a couple with Alex Rodriguez, with whom it also seemed like a great romance, and shortly before they were supposed to get married, they announced their separation. Jennifer Lopez started dating Alex in 2017, at first she was cautious and didn’t take the relationship seriously. She was single and loved dating. Two years later, Alex offered her a romantic relationship for a year and JLo accepted, but the breakup came unexpectedly.

“We have realized that we are doing better as friends and we are happy to remain friends. We will continue to cooperate and support each other in our joint projects. We only wish the best for us and the children. By respect for them, we won’t comment any further, we just want to thank everyone for their kind words and support,” they said in a joint statement, but it’s no secret that Alex took the breakup. quite harshly. And this despite the fact that the reason for the break in the relationship was Alex’s infidelity. No one expected it, they were the perfect couple! JLo broke up with Alex, it’s over

True love really lasted

Shortly after the announcement of the split with Alex Rodriguez, the information came that J.Lo is back in a relationship with Ben, who has struggled behind him, a divorce, several failed romances and treatment for anti- alcohol.

Today, it really looks like they both found their happiness, got engaged in April this year and are now a family. “Have you ever imagined that your biggest dream would come true? One evening, in my favorite place in the world (a bubble bath), my handsome darling got down on his knees and asked me to marry him. It took me completely by surprise, I just looked at it, laughed, cried and tried to understand that after twenty years it was happening again. I had no more words,” she described the engagement, which was clearly the fulfillment of her secret desires. In the end, she said ‘yes’ to Affleck twice,” the singer and actress described. to his fans at the time.

Photo Engagement for the second time after 20 years: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck plan to remarry. And…

It often happens in relationships that we have the good things right next to us, we just don’t know them. As in the case of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, whose fate brought them together years later.

See also other photos of the popular couple in our gallery:

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