Formerly, Matúš Kolárovský did not believe that he would find a boyfriend, today he receives 50 messages a day! Should his love Nikola be jealous?

Matúš Kolárovský put himself in the hot seat of Bekim and spoke openly about how he perceived himself in the past, if he was bullied and also revealed what girls send him on social networks.

Matúš Kolárovský broke through on set, in modeling and in music

The new dad is experiencing a musical summer for the first time, giving concerts and devoting himself fully to his career. More recently, he stood out alongside Nela Pocisková, with whom he sang the duet Magnet.

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In an interview with Bekim, Matúš revealed that he sees himself most in music and that’s what he wants to focus on in the future. People give him a huge dose of energy, he prepares new projects and, as usual, he also has to face the onslaught of female fans. He also does well in his private life with his girlfriend Nikola. However, the 21-year-old successful musician and model admits he didn’t have such confidence in the past.

Sadness, shame and fear that girls will never like him

Above all, Matúš Kolárovský felt in the past that he was different from other children due to his appearance. “Kids can be bad,” he admits in response to the question of whether he’s ever been bullied or whether society made him feel different. Although he never had a major problem in the team, as he was very cheerful and friendly from an early age, but he felt different.

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Matúš Kolarovský confirmed not long ago that he is the father of Veronika Nízlova’s daughter Source: Instagram: veronikatwiins

He claims he struggled with feelings of shame, was sad about it, and even worried that girls would never like him because of his different appearance. “When I was younger it affected me mostly in a negative way. I wasn’t completely thrilled with it, but it was never direct bullying,” he added.

Today the girls fight for him

Today, on the contrary, his exotic appearance adds to his appeal, and there really is no shortage of women. Matúš Kolárovský admitted that he receives an average of 50-100 messages per day. “I get 50 to 100 messages a day. It depends on whether I release the song or not. When I release a song, so do more than 200.” Most often, girls write to him that they like his music, but also him. However, among the messages there are also spicy ones with a sexual connotation, and some even go so far. to show him that God made them.

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Matúš Kolárovský and his girlfriend Nikola Baranová. Source: Instagram

He also admitted, a little embarrassed, that there was no shortage of disgusting things he had never even dreamed of in his life. “I happened to have seen this… Well, that the dog licked the girl… Such a video. And my song played on it.”

The singer is engaged and has been dating Nikola Baranová for several months. He seems to be head over heels in love as he also asked Bekim how long it takes to get his love’s name tattooed. However, it was not easy for Nikola from the start – first she had to deal with Matúš becoming a father and now she has to get used to crowds of female fans. Today, however, they have a good relationship with Veronika, they even recently baptized their daughter together:

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