He faces 50 years in prison: singer Ricky Martin faces serious charges from the nephew with whom he allegedly had sex

The famous singer’s 21-year-old nephew claims they had a 7-month relationship that culminated in domestic violence. Ricky Martin faces serious accusations from his nephew, with whom he allegedly had a sexual relationship, allegations denied.

Ricky Martin is charged with domestic violence

Already two weeks ago, a court order was issued in Puerto Rico, in which charges were brought against Latino star Ricky Martin (50). Although the name of the victim is supposed to be anonymous, according to the Spanish Marca.com, it would be an accusation of the family, more precisely of the nephew of the singer, said the brother of the singer. Ricky Martin has been married since 2017, his partner is Spanish-born artist Jwan Yosef, he is also the father of four children, and it’s no secret that he and Jwan would like to have more children, it is how they came hand in hand to Cannes recently:

Relationship with nephew, domestic violence

By law, Ricky Martin could end up behind bars for up to 50 years, as the charge includes incest and domestic violence against a family member, which together is a very serious charge. Dennis Yadiel Sanchez’s 21-year-old nephew claims he had a sexual relationship with the singer which resulted in domestic abuse. According to the victim, Ricky Martin didn’t take the breakup well either, he even walked around his house at least three times.

The singer has received a restraining order against his nephew and the first court hearing has been set for July 21.

Ricky Martin denies the allegations

The multi-award winning Latino star denies all the allegations, through his lawyer Marty Singer: “Unfortunately the person making this claim is struggling with profound mental health issues. Ricky Martin, of course, has no never been, and never will be, involved in a sexual or romantic relationship with his nephew.” The singer also said, “That idea is not only wrong, it’s disgusting. We all hope this man gets help which he desperately needs. But above all, we believe that this terrible case will be dismissed as soon as the judge examines the facts.”

Photo gallery

Ricky Martin in the first photos after the accusation against his nephew, July 2022, Los Angeles Source: Profimedia

Accusation also of the former manager

He obviously fell on the singer from all sides. Earlier this month, he was also accused by his former manager, Rebecca Drucker. “protected ‘Ricky’ from a potential charge that could potentially spell the end of his career.” According to Rebecca, this was a September 2020 incident.

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