He’s always been sexy, but now? Do you recognize him? You won’t believe what a handsome man Zuzana Kanócz has at home now

Juraj Loj is one of the sexiest actors in Slovakia. And now he looks like a global star, better than we know him!

It’s a change! He looks like a world star with women in love lying at his feet. Slovak actor Juraj Loj (38) and partner of actress Zuzana Kanócz (42), with whom he has three children, posted a photo in which he is a completely different man:

He also wrote an apt description that suggests he either underwent a change due to work, or his children also repeatedly recommended it to him: “When your children ask you for something, listen to them, they mean it really #changemylife #actorslife #jurajloj.” Dark hair is a thing of the past, and now his head is adorned with a blonde mane, he sometimes reminds Zac Efron, who also had this cut and color at one time, what do you think he looks like?

Juraj and Zuzka have been a stable couple in our show business for several years, both of them are also dedicated to their careers and the private upbringing of children. Apart from acting, Juraj is also an avid sportsman, loves mountains and rock climbing, and recently brought his eldest son Lucas to these secrets. They spent the night together in the mountains, see more photos:

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