I can’t imagine anyone else being by my side all these years. Vanessa Šarközi is still with her childhood sweetheart

A relationship that lasts for years, maybe for the rest of your life, and a love that just keeps growing? This is what every woman aspires to, what is the secret to long term relationships and when can love really last?

Vanessa Šarközi is one of the famous faces of our show business, and the same young man has been by her side for more than 7 years. The daughter of famous artists forms a couple with musician David Virág and believes that this is a relationship for life.

Even childhood love can be a fateful relationship

Love that begins at 15 or in high school is often seen as childish, just a first relationship, because people change as they get older. High school relationships are always tested after graduation and they don’t always last. Even in adulthood, partners sometimes realize they have different ideas about life, the love fades, and everyone ends up going their own way.

However, this is not a rule and even teenage love can last a lifetime. Artist Vanessa Šarközi, who celebrated her 7th birthday with her partner David last month, is also in a long-term relationship. And unlike those who say growing up eventually separates them, Vanessa can’t imagine growing up alongside someone else.

She can’t imagine becoming a grown woman alongside someone else

“Maybe everyone says that at 15 it’s just a childhood sweetheart, but I already knew then that it was not our case. You can say that we really grew up side by side and lived through absolutely everything together. And I can’t imagine anyone else being by my side all these years. Always and forever,” Vanessa wrote on Instagram.

The couple spend a lot of time together and David is part of their family. In recent days, they’ve added loving photos from their vacation together, and even in these, it’s clear they’re still very much in love.

When can a relationship really last a lifetime?

It’s not just teenage love that faces crises, problems affect all long-term relationships. Love has different phases, partners have to deal with stereotypes, compromises and the feeling that feelings sometimes get cold. However, you can always restore the lost spark to the relationship, so that even after a difficult crisis, you can feel in love again – as if you were starting a relationship with a completely new partner.

How do you nurture a long-term relationship so that it doesn’t lack love?

Top Diva.sk Will love that begins at a young age last a lifetime?

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