I have botox and fox eyes, confessed Monika Marešová, she succumbed to the current trend! But above all we should love each other, he said

Monika (40) has followed a healthy lifestyle all her life, takes care of her appearance and after giving birth she quickly got back into shape.

For Czech Showtime, she revealed whether she undergoes cosmetic procedures or is more of a proponent of natural aging. With her daughter, she no longer has so much time to devote to her routines, and she is happy if she manages to cleanse her skin and apply cream once a day. However, she admitted that since she was 35, she had undergone subtle facelifts.

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Monika Marešová, Leoš Mareš – MBPFW – Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week Source: Profimedia

Botox and fox eyes

Aging is natural, but Monika Marešová says almost all women want to age gracefully. Having her father’s complexion and skin tone, she began a gentle makeover before Alex was born and plans to continue with them as soon as she has more time.

“I go for botox, but not now, but I can’t wait to go back. I go for botox, I did it for the first time when I was 35. Then I did the so- saying foxy eyes ie raising my eyebrows I like them I have had hyaluronic acid injected into my mouth about twice but it goes away very quickly I also opted for mesotherapy because my neck and décolleté are a bit old,” Monika Marešová revealed in an interview.

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Monika Marešová at MBPFW 2021 in Prague Source: Profimedia

She doesn’t like overly artificial enhancements

If you look at Monika’s face, you’ll probably recognize that despite the subtle adjustments, she looks very natural. She herself says that she doesn’t like it when women let their skin completely fade due to age and look too artificial. “That we want to love each other and that we want to age gracefully is clear. But I think for a person to be completely extinguished and not show that they’re as old as they really are, that’s not quite right in my opinion.”

Fox eyes, which Monika Marešová also performed, are currently among the TOP cosmetic procedures of celebrities, and a similar filter is also a hit on Instagram. Young stars also undergo the following procedures:

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