I love Agáta and her world, Hanychova’s new friend, who is a well-known media mogul, confessed! Their relationship started with a text message

After so many disappointments in love, he is already enjoying a well-deserved moment. Agáta Hanychová fell in love with Jaromír Soukup, who works as the director of Barrandov TV. Despite the big age difference, they understand each other perfectly and it seems that they have finally found their happiness.

Hanychová radiates happiness. Has she finally found the right person?

Shortly after confirming their relationship, reporters caught the couple cuddling up at the airport and exchanging affection. At that time, Agáta and Jaromír did not want to talk about it much, as they considered their love fresh and wanted to fully clarify their feelings for each other first. But now they have no problem with such things at all. On social networks, they boasted about another of their joint holidays, on which the children of Agáta Hanychová are also present.

The couple went to Spain in the vicinity of the city of Marbella. Veronika Žilková’s daughter said that she fell in love with her. Apparently, this is also the reason why they decided to spend more time in southern Europe. Jaromír works from there at the same time, but together they enjoy a pleasant vacation almost every day. As they revealed on social media, they don’t plan anything in advance and will decide what to do in the morning.

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Agáta Hanychová and Jaromír Soukup Source: Instagram: Agáta Hanychová

Romantic confessions through social networks

The stay in Spain visibly benefits the relationship of the well-known couple. Agáta and Jaromír do not skimp on romantic messages and have already sent love confessions to each other several times via social networks.

“No change since yesterday. I love Agáta and her world,” Soukup wrote in the photo, in which they hug and look very content. Hanychová herself posted a similar snap. “I understand that it’s boring… Maybe one day there will be a picture of the forest. Soon I hope. I love Jaromir and I love Marbella”, confessed a happy Agáta. In this way, she also explained why she mainly feeds her social networks with common shots with her new love. There’s a visible spark between the famous couple, so let’s hope their romance lasts as long as possible.

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Agáta Hanychová and Jaromír Soukup Source: Instagram: Agáta Hanychová

How was the first date?

The couple have also found time for their fans in Spain. Agáta and Jaromír made their first broadcast online, where they answered several questions from their supporters. Among the former was a comment about whether it was real love between them, or if it was just business.

They both laughed about it because, as they noted, they would like to know how they could make a business out of it. They also dismissed claims that there had been arguments between them. If they think something like this is covered by the media, they don’t read it anymore. The loving couple happily cuddled up to each other throughout the livestream and they didn’t even dodge more personal questions. Watch their video:

Together, they joked about their age difference, indicating that they didn’t mind it at all and didn’t see any problem with it. They also revealed the veil of secrecy over their knowledge. According to Agáty, the first step was taken by Soukup, who invited her to dinner via text message and after exchanging a few personal messages, to which she nodded enthusiastically.

Jokes about running for president

During the show, the two strayed into political topics. Soukup joked excitedly about whether he would be persuaded to run for president. However, according to him, it is a demanding job, during which he would have to think a lot, and in addition, he would have a much lower salary.

This is why he notes with humor that nothing will probably come out of it, since he does not even have time to submit his candidacy. Agáta and Jaromír can visibly have fun on any subject and sit on all sides. Apparently, that’s also why their relationship is so strong.

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Agáta Hanychová and Jaromír Soukup Source: Instagram: Agáta Hanychová

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