Infidelity and not a single one? I’m not going to lie that the breakup doesn’t hurt, it hurts a lot, admitted Monika Bagárova

Monika Bagárová and wrestler Makhmud Muradov are no longer together. The singer drew a line under the relationship and even deleted their joint photos from her Instagram.

A few weeks ago, Monika Bagárová decided to give her boyfriend a second chance. But now all the romance and idyll is over, as the couple have confirmed their second separation. However, the Czech magazine managed to get information that the love of Monika and Makhmud was to end in her infidelity.

They asked both partners about the infidelity

Since the official announcement of the break, the couple has decided not to comment on it. They wanted to keep their privacy so they could both recover from the unpleasant events that once again ended their relationship. magazine found out that his infidelity should have ended their relationship. For this reason, they decided to contact the former couple so that everyone can make their own statement about it. However, Mach did not answer their questions at all, Bagárová eventually broke her silence, although she tried not to reveal much.

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Monika Bagárová and Makhmud Muradov Source: Instagram: bagarovamonika

“Please don’t ask me that stuff. I do not wanna talk about it. We have a daughter together. And I want to keep peace and well-being between us. It is not necessary to talk about the reasons for the breakup, I do not need to discuss what, why and how. It doesn’t matter anyway. All that matters is Ruminka and that she is happy. And that’s the only thing we’re going to take care of,” the Czech singer told

Could he have cheated on her more than once?

Reporters from this Czech magazine said that Monika had a sad voice during the interview and it was felt that she was very disappointed with the whole situation. Infidelity in a relationship is a fairly common reason for separation and divorce for many couples.

Some solve it radically, others are ready to give themselves one more chance. However, according to this information, the situation with Bagárová and Muradov was complicated by another inconvenience. According to, it wasn’t just a one-time thing. Makhmud was supposed to cheat on Monika with multiple women at once, which was an even more painful realization for her.

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Monika Bagárová and her daughter Rumia, 56th MFFKV 2022, Karlovy Vary Source: Profimedia

He does not want to comment on his private life

Although journalists tried to find out if these rumors were true, they did not go to see the singer at all. As with the first breakup, the well-known mother decided to stick to her principles and refused to talk about it.

“Everything else is our privacy, between us. The public doesn’t need to know why it didn’t work out,” she said in the interview. Monika Bagárová is not one of the stars who like to wash their dirty laundry in public. He has tried to keep everything private since the beginning of his career, and when he goes through a difficult time, he talks about it with his relatives and not with his fans. For her, relationship and family are the most precious things, so she systematically chooses what information she shares with her followers.

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Monika Bagárová spreads smiles in Karlovy Vary even after breakup Source: Profimedia

The breakup caused him immense pain

Monika tries to live a normal life after the breakup, in order to forget the suffering she has to go through again. Beautifully groomed and smiling, she appeared at the Karlovy Vary film festival. However, something completely different was hiding behind the happy expression.

“Ruminka might read about it one day, what her parents said about each other, and I don’t want that. I’m not going to lie that the breakup doesn’t hurt me. They were very well, we We’re not the only ones this has happened to and now we have to move on,” Monika Bagárová honestly admitted. It is her daughter who gives her great strength to fight so she can focus on the beautiful things and not wallow in sad memories.

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