It’s called life! While Twiinska is close to her family as the mother of her child, Matúš no longer hides her love for Nikola

Who came to visit Veronika while Matúš is having fun with her love Nikola?

Veronika Nízlová and Matúš Kolárovský: A slightly different couple!

It has been several weeks since the Slovak showbiz world was surprised by the information that the secret father of Twiinsky’s child Veronika Nízlova (35) is finally the young actor and singer Matúš Kolárovský (20). Since then, both of them have been in the public spotlight and everyone wants to know how it went between them in the end? He left Veronika while she was expecting a baby for the beautiful Nikola Baranová (21), with whom he no longer has any secrets, or was it because Veronika respected the fact that Matúš was still young from the start and so she wanted to leave her child and more responsibility to yourself?

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Matúš Kolarovský and Veronika Nízlová confirmed with a photo on Instagram that the young singer is Nei’s father Source: Instagram: veronikatwiins

Finally, life itself shuffled the cards, as usual. Anyway, some time has passed since the birth of their daughter in November 2021, who was named Nea, and Matús simply felt fatherly feelings. This was followed by a song in which he surprisingly admitted paternity, joint photos followed, and finally the christening of the baby itself, where everyone was already together like one big united family. According to the statements of the two, little Nea is simply their priority and therefore they try to get along, even if the fans look for the slightest hint of romance in their photos or videos.

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Grandma came to see her granddaughter and they were like best friends

But more recently, Twiinsky Veronika’s photos prove how simple life and love are in themselves. She herself boasted that Matúš’s mother came to visit them! She didn’t miss the moments with her granddaughter and it didn’t matter that she came alone, without her son. Veronika also did not spare her sympathy towards her and praised the times they spent together – despite the fact that Matúš was not there, who was spending time with his girlfriend. Not only does he have a new haircut – he’s blond, but lately he’s also been very open and doesn’t hide his love at all! His young girlfriend, Nikola Baranová, added a photo from today in nature, where their love is more than clear! Take a look in our photo gallery of these lovely photos, which are really – as life writes them – a grandmother with a granddaughter, but without a son who would be in a relationship with the mother of her child, and on the other hand, the love that blossoms between two young people:

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