Johnny Depp has not forgotten her! Hot Love Island Marquee Nikol found herself in the arms of a Hollywood actor after a year

They spent an evening together, how did she meet the star and what is their relationship? Nikol Treterová is known to people from the show Love Island and about a year ago she surprised by admitting to spending three whole days in the company of Johnny Depp. After a year, they repeated the meeting!

Nikol Treterová again in the arms of Johnny Depp

Last year, Johnny Depp was the star of the Karlovy Vary film festival, where he also met the handsome Nikol Treterová. Since the actor did not want to draw unnecessary attention to himself, instead of visiting the club, he decided to invite Nikol and his girlfriend to his hotel room. We also know the details of their meeting: Sexy Nikol From Love Island Spent 3 Days With Hollywood Star Actor: She Revealed What It Was Like!

After a year, they cuddled again

Even then, Nikol said that she and Johnny Depp got along very well and were close, which was also confirmed by their reunion. The Hollywood star traveled to Prague for Monday’s concert with guitarist Jeff Beck. The actor is currently traveling in Europe for a small tour and could not miss Prague.

There was also Nikol Treterová behind the scenes, who certainly didn’t lie about his close relationship with the actor. The couple were hugging and snuggling together, so it’s more than clear that they just sat down. Nikol also posted videos from the evening on his Instagram.

Photo gallery

Nikol Treterová was again with Johnny Depp in Prague (Photo: Instagram/nikol_trety, 2022) Source: Instagram

Like a year ago, it looks like Nikol and Johnny are just friends. The reality show contestant said last year that nothing happened between them, they just understood each other on a human level.

You can find a photo of their first meeting in our gallery:

In Love Island, Nikol was in a relationship with dancer Vild Šír, and although at first it seemed that their relationship would last even after the show, the breakup did not last long. See Nikol’s statement:

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