Just a surprise! On vacation, Victoria Beckham pulled out a swimsuit in the style of the TOP series of the last century and was delighted with the news: The Spice Girls are reunited again after 10 years!

Victoria Beckham reunites with her girl group the Spice Girls as a new documentary about their rise to fame is in the works. All members will meet for the first time since the 2012 Olympics.

Still hoping for a comeback, what about Victoria?

In 2019, the Spice Girls performed on a joint tour, but Victoria Beckham refused to participate. the other members say to this day that they have big plans for the group and still hope that they will return to the stage one day. For now, fans will have to settle for an upcoming documentary series that will show how the Spice Girls rose to the height of their fame, reports The Sun.

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The Spice Girls in 1996 Source: Profimedia

After previously refusing to return to the big stage, Victoria surprised everyone when, like the other members, she also signed a contract and will participate in the filming of the upcoming series. How were their greatest hits born, what did they go through and how did they form as a band? Fans will find out about these answers and more soon.

Back to the scene

The Spice Grils are excited for their first meeting and the plan is as follows! Geri turns 50 this year and to mark the occasion, she invited the other members to a big party and they are expected to be seen singing together there years later. It will be the first time since the 2012 Olympics.

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Victoria Beckham in 1997 Source: Profimedia

Victoria showed she hasn’t forgotten her years with the band

Victoria Beckham and David are enjoying their vacation in France, where they are relaxing on a luxury yacht. Before it was revealed that she had signed on for a Spice Girls documentary, she first gave fans a little taste of the 90s:

She first showed off in Baywatch’s signature red swimsuit and of course she showed off her beautiful figure again.

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Victoria Beckham enjoying her vacation in France (2022) Source: Profimedia

Like posh again

However, it was the karaoke bar video her husband David Beckham posted on Instagram that caught fans. Victoria sang the 1997 Spice Girls hit – Stop. She seemed incredibly confident and even remembered old steps! After the video was released, fans remembered the beautiful times with the Spice Girls with nostalgia, and a few days later the information was released that all members of the group would actually reunite. Looks like Victoria was just doing a little warm-up in France.

Victoria Beckham is also a great fashion icon:

Diva.sk The always stylish Victoria Beckham knows how to dress: Bet on a blouse with WAU effect

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