Lela Vémola showed off her mother and surprised everyone: But even her photos from the past show that beauty is simply in her genes

Lela showed her mother and surprised everyone. But even her photos from the past show that beauty is simply in her genes! Lela Ceterová, now Vémolova, is a woman many consider more of a controversial person than an ethereal beautiful woman. But this Slovak woman of ours may be quite different from what she might seem at first glance.

Do you know that Lela is Slovak?

They say, never judge by the cover, and also, live and let live. And in the case of Lela Ceterová (33), that’s probably more than true. Although the Slovak woman, whom many of us have only begun to perceive thanks to her relationship with Karlos Vémol, seems inescapable and apparently controversial, the reverse may be true, take a look in the photo gallery:

After the wedding, she also showed her parents

After last week’s spectacular wedding, called the wedding of the century in the Czech Republic, and which raises many questions about its validity, Lela posted 2 photos with her parents, among many others. Looking at her mom, she caused a stir, people kept wondering, liking, commenting, and even the media reported how beautiful her mom is!

The former playmate has beauty in her genes

And it really is, but the watchful eye won’t miss the fact that this isn’t the first photo of her mother that Lela has unveiled, and they’ve shown in the past that Lela has beauty in his genes. Also, if we look at her own photos, it’s absolutely clear that the former Slovak playmate is actually a beautiful woman years ago, and although she’s had several modifications and plastic surgeries, she doesn’t. not hide in the photos where she is without makeup and natural, we can still see her real face.

Photo gallery

Lela in the past and today, with her mother at her wedding Source: Instagram, Facebook Lela Vémola

See photos of Lela Ceterová in the photo gallery, as she was in 2013 and later, when she had not yet undergone several operations. As a former playmate, she has no shortage of sexy poses, in one of the past she is quite naked, and also really beautiful from the front:

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