Linda Evangelista was an icon of her time, but a botched plastic surgery changed her forever! It signals a return today

Sometimes it only takes one small thing to completely ruin your life.

Linda Evangelista wanted a better figure, so she could be convinced of a new way to lose weight. During this, they will freeze your fat cells and thus remove a few centimeters in critical areas. However, an unexpected reaction occurred in his body, which caused him complete hell.

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Linda Evangelista underwent a procedure called CoolSculpting at the turn of 2015 and 2016. Since then, she has mysteriously retired from show business altogether. But his fans wanted to know what happened to him. However, it took a long time before the model was ready to admit the truth.

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Linda Evangelista in 2017 Source: Profimedia

When the fat cells were frozen, they collapsed, leaving several lumps on her body. This affected Evangelist’s psyche a lot, which is why she completely closed in on herself. But now she finally got over it and wrote one of the most beautiful messages to her supporters on social networks.

“I am happy to have solved the CoolSculpting case. I look forward to the next chapter of my life with my friends and family and am happy to put this matter on hold. I am truly grateful for the support I received from those who reached out to me,” she wrote on Instagram. She let everyone know that she was finally over this negative time and that she would try to get her life back on track as much as possible.

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Linda Evangelista was one of the most successful models in the world. Source: Profimedia

Her famous friends are also happy with Linda

Evangelista could read a lot of positive reactions in the comments of her post. Her fans were eager to see her back in the modeling world and especially with a smile on their face. Along with them, Linda was supported by a number of celebrities.

New York artist Justin Teodoro wrote to him that he was happy to read such news. Director Fabien Baron left him another nice comment: “Best to you Linda. I’m sending you love.” With the famous supermodel, designer Toni Maticevski, skin expert Georgia Louise and photographer Pamela Hanson also had fun.

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Linda Evangelista was the fashion designer muse of the world. Source: Profimedia

She appeared in the Fendi brand campaign

The good news was backed up by the former supermodel with another piece of news in her life. Linda is definitely making her return to modeling and she did it in style. She appeared in a photo campaign for the Fendi brand, which celebrates the anniversary of one of the main lines. In it, Evangelista poses with handbags and several caps from this company.

In the published image, she looks excellent, which also pleased her followers. She immediately received several compliments, which will certainly encourage her in other collaborations that await her. After years of giving up his beloved job, he’s back and showing up in top form.

A lawsuit against the company that hurt him so much

Linda Evangelista lost a few years of her life due to an unsuccessful cosmetic procedure. She couldn’t accept the bumps that remained on her body, and because of that, she started hiding at home. That’s why she also gave up work during this period, because she couldn’t model with these beauty flaws. After years of suffering, she decided not to let go and to sue them. She asked the company to pay her financial loss and compensation for psychological damage in the amount of 50 million dollars. The company has so far declined to comment on the matter.

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Linda Evangelista has retired from show business due to her plastic surgery. Source: Profimedia

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