Mamba Dasha admits hard times: I’m not the kind of person to give up, but now it was tight…

The honest words of the famous singer surprised. “A lot of things bother me, and unfortunately, those are things that I can’t control,” he says.

“The feeling of helplessness is for something that drains my life energy,” admits Mamba

Mamba Dasha is clearly one of the most positive and smiling faces in our show business. Every time we met her somewhere, she was full of energy and happy. But like any person, she goes through various hardships in life, as she called them “storms”, and now she faces another one. She added a photo with a sad expression to her profile, to which she wrote:

“I can’t say that the last few weeks have been some of my best times… Yes, I’m sad, it’s good to admit it. A lot of things bother me, and unfortunately, those are things I don’t. can’t control, and this feeling of helplessness is for something that’s draining my life energy. I’m not one to give up, but it was close. Anyway, as they say, “enjoy every storm”. I try to get the most out of everything and I believe that when it’s all absorbed, I’ll be stronger and wiser.”

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Mamba Dasha Source: Instagram Mamba Dasha

Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down

Mamba Dasha has also shared stories over the past few days where she cried over her dog’s health issues. Maybe the difficult time she is going through is related to this, but she herself did not comment on her sad post anymore, she did not talk about anything specific that bothers her. However, she added another quote to the story which read “Don’t wait for life to get easier, you have to be stronger.”

Each of us has different periods of life, sometimes we are up and sometimes down, it’s called balance. It is from these difficult times, as Mamba pointed out, that we learn the most, even if they are painful, difficult and we often feel like we are out of control and want to give up, at the end of this journey a new we will be born, stronger, better, more experienced. Whatever she’s going through, we’re crossing our fingers that she handles it with a positive attitude and a smile on her face, which suits her immensely.

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Mamba Dasha Source: Instagram Mamba Dasha

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