Marriage of the Year Doubts: Yesterday’s Marriage Can’t Be Valid, Did Karlos and Lela Secretly Get Married Earlier?

Crown, train, diamonds and neckline for the husband! As a bride, Lela realized her dream and that of Karlos, the second dress was already more minimalist. Famous MMA fighter Karlos Vémola married his femme fatale Lela Ceterová yesterday. The bride literally took her breath away when she arrived, because choosing a dress, she fulfilled a dream not only for herself, but also for him. However, there are doubts about the marriage itself.

Is a lavish wedding even valid? drew attention to doubts regarding the validity of the marriage, as no one knows whether actor Jiří Krampol had the necessary documents to legally marry the couple. The actor said in the interview that Lela and Karlos arranged everything necessary. “They fixed it. They got it. I’m an actor and I take it as my part.” However, Karlos himself told the media that Jiří should have taken care of the documents. “I think the marriage is definitely valid. I am very grateful to Krampol because getting the accreditation to make it valid takes a lot of effort and he did it for us. I really appreciate that he has been through these difficulties,” Karlos replied.

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Photos from the wedding of Karlos Vémola and Lela Ceterová. Source: Instagram

They denied the secret wedding at an earlier date

As no one knows who, or if anyone, provided Jiří with the necessary license, journalists became interested in whether the marriage was even valid and whether Karlos and Lea had a secret marriage earlier. They pointed out that the man and woman had been talking to each other for some time, and that there would be no harm in postponing the party to a later date, so that it could be linked to the ceremony of their dreams. However, the MMA fighter also denied having a secret marriage. “I’m hearing it for the first time, people are talking about it. Our marriage is valid and Jirka was the donor,” he briefly commented on the situation. Where is the truth now, no one really knows, and the actor and wrestler versions still don’t match up.

A sweet princess and a pretty woman at the same time

Lela had dreamed of her wedding dress since childhood, so she had a definite idea. She paid attention to every detail – a crown based on the Ice Kingdom fairy tale, which their daughter loves, a long train, diamonds and a princess dress with lace created a more tender impression. However, the dress could not miss a deep neckline, because Karlos’ dream was, as informs, to stand at the altar with a woman who is not afraid to show off her rich cleavage and which will not only be tender, but also attractive. And Lela fulfilled that to the letter.

A dress for 10,000 euros?

“Even when I was a little girl, I had an idea for my wedding dress, and all these years I’ve stuck with this idea of ​​what my dream dress should look like. After so many years , it came true for me, the dress was sewn for me by the Bernhardta company for several months. It really is so beautiful that when I put it on, I cried,” Lela admitted to eXtra. cz.

In the Czech Republic, we talk about the wedding of the century

Karlos added that without Lela’s long-term cooperation with the Bernhardt company, which has been dressing his wife for years, such a dress would cost a quarter of a million Czech crowns, or just over 10,000 euros. Thanks to their acquaintances, they agreed on a lower amount, so the newlyweds’ wedding rings and Lela’s jewelry, which she also chose herself, were the most expensive. A luxury limo could not miss, and what else?

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The car that brought the bride Lela to the ceremony with Karlos Vémol, Občanská plovárna, Prague, 07/28/2022 Source: Profimedia

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Lela Ceterová and Karlos Vémola are married. Source: Instagram

There was no shortage of star guests at the wedding

After a real bachelor party, Karlos and Lela prepared another good party for their 200 guests, where they had fun until late at night. There was no shortage of entertainment – there was singing and dancing. For example, Karlos’ longtime friend Ondřej Novotný, known to fans from the Octagon or the reality show Survivor, was also invited to the wedding.

Rytmus, who gave a private concert at the wedding, caused a stir and the guests really enjoyed his performance.

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Rytmus also performed at the wedding of Karlos Vémola and Lela Ceterová. Source: Instagram

At the party, Lela changed her gorgeous dress to a shorter, equally white one so she could dance better. The second dress was already more minimalist and you can find it in the gallery. How was the Czech wedding of the year? Look in the photo gallery:

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