Nela Pocisková once again showed off her perfect figure: what’s her secret that she always looks like this?

See what you and Filipo shot on your vacation. Humor is extremely important. There is certainly no shortage in Filip and Nela’s relationship.

A work meeting turned into love, watch Nela and Filip from yesterday to today

Nela Pocisková and Filip Tůma are among the constants of the Slovak show-business couple. However, at first neither of them said they were going to start a family together. As Filip revealed, it wasn’t love at first sight. They were reunited by Stormy Wine, where they had to kiss, but at that time Filip did not yet consider Nela the mother of his children. Look at the current picture from their vacation, Nela looks really amazing:

It is said that such “cultivated” relationships with someone have a better chance of long-term success and prosperity. If friendship turns into love, then such a couple has completely different foundations and, perhaps, is more likely to last. So far Nele and Filip are doing very well and we are keeping our fingers crossed for them.

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Filip Tůma, Nela Pocisková Source: Profimedia

Filip brought humor and lightness to the relationship

Today they have two beautiful children together. However, they keep their life private to a large extent, but some time ago Nela also decided to visit Instagram and share something from her life with Filip. There is also humor in their relationship, which Filip brings even more, as he said: “Nela survived her youth and the age when we were ‘freaking’ in the cottages, already working. I showed him a little bit that life is not just about work and that you still have to prove something to someone.”

They know how to make fun of themselves, which they also did during their current vacation, where they both added photos to their stories where they make fun of Filip’s beard. “With us, the spice of everyday life was the ability to make fun of ourselves, above all. I learned that my mother looks like me,” Filip revealed on the Level Lama show.

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Nela Pocisková and Filip Tůma Source: Instagram: pocisková.nela

How does Nela view infidelity in a relationship? Could she get away with it? He reveals in the interview:

An enviable figure

In addition to the family photos, we also have the opportunity to envy Nela for her beautiful body, which looks really perfect even after two children, which is extremely admirable. The well-known singer and actress admitted in an interview with that she doesn’t need much, because her body remembers and movement has been natural for her all her life.

“I think my body remembers a lot. Very little is enough for me. I’ve been on the move all my life and I love movement. Since I was in kindergarten, I haven’t had much opportunity to move, but I run here and there or go to dance classes. On the other hand, I have periods when I keep sweets for example, and sometimes bread, but I don’t diet. However, I don’t need junk food, I naturally like healthy food, but I also like sweets and, for example, I eat a lot, which amazes many people, but I try to do everything with moderation.”

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Nela Pocisková Source: Instagram: pociskova.nela

See more photos of Nela in a swimsuit in the photo gallery. Wow, may be an inspiration to many:

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