Privacy Policy

The National Dialogue Privacy Policy aims to protect the rights to privacy, anonymity, and data ownership of everyone with whom it interacts.

These procedures are  in  place:

  • We don’t require your personal data to contact us. You are welcome to use an anonymous address when contacting us by email or a pseudonym when sharing your opinion via web forms.
  • We do not collect IP addresses, MAC addresses, or other personally-identifying data from site visitors.
  • If you elect to share your information — opinions, your name, or any other personal information — we will never share it with anyone for any reason.
  • We will delete volunteered personal information upon request, no questions asked.

Please email us at to request removal of your personal information or likeness.

Cookies & Aggregated Statistics

You are not required to use cookies to use this website; you may disable them on your browser and notice no difference in your experience of using the site.

This website uses the popular WordPress product which does store cookies, small files of information, on your device. These cookies collect anonymous data that track your interaction with this website. For example, if you submit a comment, our site will create a cookie on your device with information indicating as much. In fact, just by virtue of visiting this site, it will create a cookie on your device.

Be aware that although we do not use cookies to gather personal information, a third-party could determine that you had visited our site by the presence of cookies our site creates.

This website may collect statistics about the behavior of visitors to its websites via Google Analytics, which also creates cookies. We take precautions to ensure that Google anonymizes these statistics upon their collection.

Offline Privacy

Our Privacy Policy extends to any and all offline (in-person) interactions with private individuals, including official local consultations. At local consultations, your name may be volunteered but is not required for participation. We also take video, audio, and photographs at local consultations and conferences. We’ll remove your name and/or likeness from our materials at your request.


Regional and National conference delegates will be asked to provide their name and contact information to be shared with the public.

At the conclusion of the National Dialogue process, all data it has accrued may be archived for posterity.

If you have any concerns, please contact us at