Grassroot Consultative Meetings – Abyei Region

Published on the 6th November 2019

As was the case for other subcommittees, the Abyei regional subcommittee was mandated to: identify key stakeholders in the region; prepare budget and plan for the grassroots consultations; facilitate grassroots consultations; prepare regional consultation report; prepare agenda for the regional conference; facilitate regional conference; supervise selection of regional conference delegates; prepare the report of the regional conference and facilitate nomination of National Conference delegates.

The Abyei Regional Subcommittee is uniquely composed of members drawn from different parts of South Sudan. Its membership inspired the Dinka Ngok community and sent an unequivocal political message that their cause is still very much right at the center of the political equation of South Sudanese people. Members of the NDSC had the flexibility to choose any committee each member would wish to join. Hence, all Abyei Regional Subcommittee joined it in an absolute free will. The Abyei Regional Subcommittee members elected Gen Pieng Deng Kuol as their chairperson to lead the subcommittee programmatic activities in Abyei. The committee identified major stakeholders, operational locations (Counties and Payams) in Abyei region and prepared a work plan, which included budget projection for the recently concluded consultation phase.

See report below:

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