She has progressed in the competition despite the criticism, today she claims that Patricie Pagáčová insulted her the most: One of the most watched Czech influencers spoke about SuperStar

She progressed in the competition despite the criticism, today she claims that Patricie Pagáčová insulted her. It’s been a year since we had the opportunity to watch SuperStar 2021, and young Dominique Alagia (17), who is one of the most watched influencers in the Czech Republic, was a star especially on TikTok.

She continued despite the criticism, why?

You may also remember that the participation of Dominika Alagia, then 16 years old, was full of controversy, the jury was not in her favor from the beginning and she always added quite a few criticisms after the performances , despite this. , she fought quite far in the individual rounds. She didn’t make it to the final, but she didn’t drop after the first casting, she made it to the last 50. Dominique Alagia was also honest in front of the camera, and when she launched SuperStar, she didn’t care, she didn’t hide her disappointment. Gossips have assessed that Alagia only got this far thanks to the influence of social networks, and that it was obvious that even if she sings out of tune, the jury therefore lets her go, watch her performance:

After the verdict she was finishing, she was unpleasantly taken aback, then cried hysterically on the phone, the jury then felt they had never seen a more surprised expression, than Domi Alagia was probably sure that she would move on.

She spoke of the injustice she would have suffered just today

However, the superstar eventually left anyway, everything died down and Dominique Alagia continued to focus on her life as an influencer, she even made her way to the TOP position at the Czech Social Awards 2022 . Influencers have also collected awards from our neighbors, the star is only 17-year-old Dominique Alagia! Who…

Even more surprising are the words she found today. In the popular Czech podcast A-Cast & Kid Ajvn, the young TikToker also spoke about her participation in SuperStar, and the person she probably has the heaviest heart for is the otherwise very popular judge and, according to fans, very nice, Patricie Pagáčová. . Dominique opened up about talking very indiscriminately about her appearance, that in her opinion she looked like she was in her 30s, but later in the interview the young social media star added, “Then I received more information that Pagáčová really does not like me. I also received screenshots of what she wrote about me to the participants of the SuperStar contest. They were insults towards me because I drank …”, she is surprised openly.

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Patricie Pagáčová and Dominique Alagia, photo: IG/ superstarcs Source: Instagram

And Patricia?

Information was also provided by the Czech portal, which also asked Patricia herself for her opinion. However, she simply replied that she had received these messages and that the whole situation seemed absurd to her, so she did not want to support her with another statement. also reminds that Alagia has not yet shown any screenshots as proof, so this is just a claim against a claim… See more photos of Alagia and her performance in SuperStar:

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