She is no longer alone! Martina Grešová showed her new love: look how they fit together

After a long time, a new man appeared in her life.

Martina Grešová has a new love

Martina Grešová had several relationships. After Miss Universe, we started to see her thanks to her relationship with Róbert Vittek, but this relationship failed. Martina then created her own clothing brand and thanks to this she became more popular. Today, she is a successful businesswoman and a beautiful woman. Photographer Pavol Bobek appeared by her side for a long time with breaks, but in the end their relationship did not work out, and they remained friends.

Today, the well-known Slovak keeps her privacy, but she finally decided to share the happy news with her fans. A man has come into her life with whom she seems truly happy. She’s keeping her identity a secret for now, but according to a shared photo on Instagram, she’s a real hottie. Several kind comments appeared below the post, there were also congratulations and heart emojis.

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Martina Grešová with a new boyfriend Source: Instagram: kdebolotambolo

“As they say opposites attract, I think just the opposite,” she admitted

In an interview some time ago, when asked what is most important to her in a relationship, the mother replied, “Mutual understanding. As they say opposites attract, I thinks just the opposite. It’s not real that I like white and he likes black. The basics are finding someone who is somehow like you and has the same outlook on life.

I don’t really like controversy, it’s important for me to be able to get out of every debate, even bad ones, with a reasonable conversation. We are no longer 20 years old, you have to have the head and the heel. Also mutual support and understanding and also being honest with each other. For me, these are such basic things that you don’t even have to talk about,” added the famous designer. How did you start your business and what was your motivation? You will also learn that in the interview:

See more photos of this charming beauty, which can be an inspiration to you in many ways:

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