She shared a still unknown photo! What was the biggest change in Dominika Cibulková’s life after marriage?

Dominika Cibulková and Michal Navara celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary!

She celebrated her birthday and shared a romantic photo!

The former successful tennis player has been in the Slovak show business for several years and currently fans remember her mainly from the dance show Let’s Dance. More recently, Dominika shared a romantic photo from her wedding with the world. She and Michal got married six years ago and their marriage still brings them a lot of joy.

The biggest change in the life of Dominika Cibulková came after marriage

After ending her tennis career, the biggest change in Dominika’s life so far came a few years after her marriage. As the second photo of her post suggests, she became a mom! Together with Michal and little Jakubko, they form a family for which she is very grateful.

Like any woman, motherhood changed Dominika both mentally and physically. The former tennis player has never given much thought to comments from haters and has always tried to motivate women to accept themselves as they are. Even during the Let’s Dance show, there were malicious comments about her character, and Dominika always responded with a cool head.

Happiness in life?

After hard work on the tennis court, Dominika Cibulková found happiness in family comfort. She never hides the fact that she cares a lot about her loved ones and tries to be equally honest with her fans. Despite her success, she is aware that it is in the stomachs of many Slovaks, so to speak, and she also wanted to show them in the dance performance that if a person has more money, they should not automatically be superficial and pretentious. .

You will find out how he perceives the interest and criticism of Dominic’s fans in our interview:

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