She was charmed by a man 27 years her senior! Another Slovak surprised our neighbors, she is the new love of a popular actor

Another well-known Slovak woman surprised her with a new boyfriend, with whom she went straight to Karlovy Vary. There seems to be a new man alongside favorite Maci, look who!

After MISS Denisa Mendrejová showed off her new partner on the red carpet in Karlovy Vary, another surprise came at the film festival.

New couple in Vary

Presenter and now also actress Martina Zábranská (28), whose star in our country rose very high last year, is no longer single. According to the portal, her love interest is Czech actor Jiří Dvořák (55), who also coincidentally won the Czech version of Let’s Dance.

Photo gallery

Jiří Dvořák won the Czech Stardance, 51st Karlovy Vary IFF 2016 Source: Profimedia

It sparkled

They managed to capture the couple in photos during the Karlovy Vary film festival, where the couple didn’t bother the photographers and the spark between them was more than clear! They were also caught among people:

She’s not his first junior

Martina, known in our country as Maca, hosted Let’s Dance with Viktor Vincz and also shone as an actress in the television series Svätá Max, but she has not yet been lucky in love, because her long-term relationship failed. Actor Jiří Dvořák was previously married to Bára Munzarová, but after the divorce he had a girlfriend more than 20 years younger, fell in love and dated Jitka Randárová.

Photo gallery

Jiří Dvořák with his ex-girlfriend, 51st Karlovy Vary IFF 2016 Source: Profimedia

It seems that this time he was enchanted by an even younger woman, our presenter, so fingers crossed for life and love!

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