South Sudan Timeline for Elections

South Sudan Timeline: a history of dialogue and peace processes.

  1. Future date?
  2. 2018
  3. 2017
  4. 2015
  5. 2012
  6. 2011
  7. 2010
  8. 2005
  1. First National Elections – Poll: When should we have elections?
  2. National Dialogue Peace Conference
  3. Birth of National Dialogue
  4. Arusha Intra-SPLM Dialogue Summit
  5. Addis Ababa Cooperation Agreement
  6. Independence for South Sudan!
  7. Southern Sudanese Parties Convention
  8. Autonomous government formed

19 thoughts on “South Sudan Timeline for Elections

  1. Jeniso Olako

    There should be elections in 2018. It will be absurd to amend the current constitution to extend the life-term of this current government. The power must now be returned back to the people of south Sudan. The more the National Assembly continuous extending the mandate of the current government without voting in either a referendum or through elections, the more unpopular the government will become. Extension is not the interest of South Sudanese but the interest of the government due to the war they dragged themselves into since 2013. Citizens want a say in their affairs. Enough is enough.

  2. Deng Mayak

    I agree, there should be elections in 2018. Maybe end of 2018. But how is elctions if there is no security At least 50% of the country should make an elections. Do you know?

  3. Anonymous

    i do agree for South Sudan as a Country to have election in 2018 but wen we improve insecurity, the most important thing is to have a peaceful instability and to have a better standard of living to they citizens all over the 32 states with no insecurity in the country. How can we have election in South Sudan in 2018 while 1.5 Million people are in they Refugees camp in the neighbor countries? how will the candidate do their campaign while the whole country is under insecurity? no road map in the country, the extension of the election is not the interest of South Sudanese or (Citizens) but the interest of the government due to the war they dragged themselves into since 2013. Citizens want a say in their affairs. Enough is enough.
    however, how shall we manage to fund election in 2018 whereas the Government had failed to pay civil servants salary for the good number of months. At the moment i think election is not the solution per now, we really need to stop insecurity which is the big matter or concern per now in our country. we really need to have one family, one common goal, one struggle. To have a election in the country it mean we should had a peaceful mind to address our citizens on what are our future plan. To run for presidential mean a lot to the educated community or country, You need to have mandatory what you will do for the citizens if you win election and what are your previously achievement but what we have per now?

  4. Junub Adik

    All senior government officials plus the army should dialogue among themselves because they are the ones who messed this country up. They all know where they went wrong not the masses

  5. Garang L.

    National Dialogue committee should make a dialogue with J1 people; because J1 people messed up this country. Dialogue with masses would not bear any fruits because their recommendations would not be acccepted by J1 group.

    Because I feel that national Dialogue is another project to waste public funds

  6. Anonymous

    We want it 2018

  7. Machar

    Everyone need election to be held in 2018 but who will vote for candidates since citizens have deserted the country for two reasons; War and Economic crisis.
    I would personally vote if the current leadership in Government and in Opposition is change or if both of them bring an end to the suffering and lasting peace to the people of South Sudan.



  8. Henry Momwa

    WE are not prepared for the election yet. Three quarters of south Sudanese are in refugee camps in the neighboring countries, who will vote in the said election? Please stop the war and repatriate the refugees back home and then will talk of elections.

  9. Eastern

    Elections in 2018? Are those leading South Sudan having their priorities right really? Forcing legitemacy by way of conducting shoddy election is another way of creating new reasons for new wars. Let Kiir accept the reality by making a life concession: dialogue with his sworne enemies but not friends to establish a caretaker government at the end of which members of such a government SHALL NOT PARTICIPATE IN ANY ELECTIVE POLITICS OF SOUTH SUDAN….

  10. Anonymus

    Why you are the only people who says not 2018? You are supporter of Kiir who dont want any elections any time. because every ones knows you cant wait. you have to have elections end 2018 it’s never happen. why you want wait? wait to 2030???

  11. majak

    the election will be conducting in which show to the world that South Sudan is democaracy Country, however the time very limited just some fews weeks to the end of 2017.
    the Citizen are expected the government put more resources in election process.

  12. majak

    let us starting preparation now and than between May and June 2018 the election will kick off

  13. Eastern

    Not any time soon. South Sudan needs to stabilise and heal itself rather than plung the country into further turmoil following a rushed and poorly prepared election in this tense political environment…

  14. Acuil Malith Banggol

    I wish all sociopolitical entities could join South Sudan National Dialogue to share their views and to listed to others. Then we should translated the National Dialogue goals into guiding principles where each entity in South Sudan sign to honor and abide. Then we agree on the Constitution that abides us. Every entity must abide by article 4 of SSTC 2011 mandating
    Defence of the Constitution

    4. (1) No person or group of persons shall take or retain control of State power except in accordance with this Constitution.

    (2) Any person or group of persons who attempts to overthrow the constitutional government, or suspend or abrogate this Constitution commits treason.

    (3) Every citizen shall have the duty to resist any person or group of persons seeking to overthrow the constitutional government, or suspend or abrogate this Constitution.

    (4) All levels of government shall promote public awareness of this Constitution by translating it into national languages and disseminating it as widely as possible. They shall provide for the teaching of this Constitution in all public and private educational and training institutions as well as in the armed and other regular forces, by regularly transmitting and publishing programmes in respect thereof through the media and press.

    Then we should have opportunity to acquire legitimacy through BALLOT NOT BULLET!

  15. yok kek nguan

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  16. kek yok

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When do you want elections in South Sudan?

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