Spoiled woman dependent on servants? Even Successful Women Don’t Face What I Do On Instagram, Simona Krainová Defends Against Critics

Simona Krainová is regularly criticized on social networks, this time women put on her shoes because she often runs. They called her a spoiled wife, a bad mother and a desperate cook. The model responds honestly again!

It’s not enough to wonder why he receives hateful comments

The model often brags on Instagram about trying to do her best for her health and loves running, but she never imagined women would criticize her on social media for it. She writes that even the most successful women try to motivate people to go through social media and don’t have to face criticism like her.

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Simona Krainova Source: Instagram Simona Krainova

“When I occasionally read some of the hateful comments under my running posts, I can’t help but wonder. Last time I started a heated discussion on my FB profile, where obviously all the moms and cooks of the year got together. For a moment I felt like I had committed a serious crime when I was just running,” Simona began on Instagram.

Dependent on servants and have time for nonsense?

Because she runs often, the women have called her a bad mother, a spoiled wife, a desperate cook who stays behind to help the servants. “I am supposed to have servants at home who raise and feed my children. I don’t go to work, so I have time for nonsense. And so I feel like saying that my work pace is sometimes faster than my running, that I have the same nanny since the children were born, who is part of our family and comes to our house for a few hours a week. The second helper is a cleaning lady twice a week for 5 hours. She mostly irons, because as you probably know, I live with three men, and when I run, I sometimes dance with the mop… And given the size of our living space, it really is an endless dance “, said the famous model puts things in perspective.

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Simona Krainová was on an Ayurvedic stay in Sri Lanka Source: Instagram Simona Krainová

Other successful women don’t have to endure such criticism

At the end, Simona added that she didn’t know why she had to endure criticism even for a healthy lifestyle. “I follow a lot more successful women on social media, and no one blames them so much for trying to do something for themselves and motivate others!”

Simona Krainová recently commented on the subject of relationships and advised women how they can keep a man:

Diva.sk seriously doesn’t put a towel in front of her mouth: Ladies, if you want to keep a man, don’t be sissies!

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