Stop acting! Brad Pitt surprised, and not only him: I am in the last section of this chapter of life

And he is not alone! His brilliant acting career is coming to an end. Brad Pitt sees his future in the company of Jennifer Aniston.

He announced his end at the premiere of the new film

Brad Pitt’s name is wanted in Hollywood. The actor has a successful career behind him, many successful films, and everyone knows that it is he who can attract the most fans in the main role. He has seven Oscars and captured the hearts of women around the world. However, the 58-year-old actor surprised everyone by announcing that he was quitting acting. He did it at the premiere of his new film Bullet Train in Paris for GQ magazine.

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Brad Pitt at the premiere of his new film Bullet Train in Paris (2022) Source: Profimedia

In recent years, the actor has tried to gradually withdraw from acting fame, and in the past five years, we have only had the opportunity to see him in the main role twice. Otherwise, he was more likely to choose secondary characters.

Acting no longer fulfills it

Brad Pitt has been very busy with work practically since his youth and thus enjoyed his fame. But it’s hard to imagine that we won’t see him in any new movies. Playing doesn’t fill him like it used to and he decided it was time for a change. “I’ve decided I’ve exhausted my acting. I’m in the final part of this chapter of life. I’m thinking about where I might move to next,” he said.

For now, he sees his future in the production company Plan B Entertainment, which he founded with Jennifer Aniston. Whatever Brad’s final decision is, he is certain to retire from acting.

Brad also spoke candidly about the unusual disorder: Brad Pitt suffers from prosopagnosia, he spoke about it himself: He confessed his fear that people would judge him…

Recently, Sandra Bullock also announced her unexpected departure

However, unlike Brad Pitt, the popular actress is only taking a break from her acting, or so she claims for now. Sandra Bullock’s years of enormous commitment to the film industry took their toll, until she burned out and lost her motivation. “I don’t want to be tied to anyone’s schedule other than my own. I’m so exhausted. I’m so tired and unable to make healthy, smart decisions. And I know that,” he said. she declared.

Photo I’m tired, I’m done! The popular actress has admitted a radical step, today she spoke for the first time more…

At the premiere of the movie Lost City, Sandra also surprised her with a changed face after the procedures. Check out the details she revealed during filming:

Cameron Diaz returns from retirement

The departure of actors tends to sadden many fans, but Hollywood has also prepared good news for viewers in recent weeks. After almost ten years, Cameron Diaz, who took early retirement due to maternity leave, returns to the scene.

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Cameron Diaz yesterday and today. How has she changed? Source: Profimedia

The actress will appear on Netflix in the upcoming action comedy Back in Action alongside Jamie Foxx. The streaming giant has yet to reveal more details.

Here’s what Brad Pitt looked like early in his career:

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