The first wedding photo of the year! Today Lela and Karlos said yes – straight on the romantic catwalk we know the details

After a stormy period and a breakup, will they finally have a happy ending? Karlos and Lela are proud of the wedding of the century and they say “I do” today!

Wedding of the year in the Czech Republic, Karlos and Lela are already married!

The couple will marry on a romantic podium this afternoon and have invited 200 guests to the wedding. Both are used to standing out, and it will be no different on D-Day. Karlos Vémola has even announced that they will also have a carousel. Lela admitted to that she dreamed of her wedding when she was a child and that she will finally make her dreams come true.

The very arrival at the ceremony was spectacular, the groom was happy and dressed in a luxurious suit, the bride arrived in a wedding dress, her father led her to the altar. There were pigeons released after saying the vows and a limo ride. That the couple found happiness in each other was evidenced by Karlos shouting from the altar, “This is my greatest victory!” It is interesting, for example, that the couple was married by actor Jiří Krampol. See the first photos of Lela and Karlos’ wedding, what it looks like there. For now, Karlos is having fun with his friends, for example the Czech singer and actor Sagvan Tofi, but also Lucka Bíla with a friend and even a living monkey:

The bride’s excitement was replaced by nervousness

Even as a little girl, she imagined what her wedding dress would look like, and it was exactly the one that had been made for her at the Bernhardt company, where Lela had been dressing for years. The first dress rehearsal was very emotional and brought Lela to tears herself. “Even when I was a little girl, I had an idea for my wedding dress, and all these years I’ve stuck with this idea of ​​what my dream dress should look like. After so many years , it came true for me, the dress was sewn for me by the Bernhardt company for several months and it is really so beautiful that when I put it on, I cried”, confides Lela. Because the wedding was organized quickly, they didn’t have enough time for the traditions, and so they are both preparing for the wedding at home. Lela woke up at seven in the morning and admitted on Instagram that she was getting really nervous because like any bride, she wants everything to go well.

A wedding for more than 80,000 euros?

On D-Day, Karlos and Lela leave nothing to chance and have thought of all the details. The MMA fighter said he was only going to follow one tradition, which is to smash the plate and sweep it. They thought differently about partying, music, decoration and extravagance. Lela took care of the decoration, who wanted everything to be perfect, and Karlos insisted on his merry-go-round, which he will finally have. Guests take turns from lunch to dinner, so it will have plenty of space. According to information from, the wedding of Czech stars is quite an expensive affair, and its price would have risen to 2 million Czech crowns, or more than 80,000 euros. Thanks to acquaintances and sponsors, they managed to get the price in half.

Karlos also had an important game just before the wedding, so the future spouses had to deal with a lot of things at the last minute. We believe everything will be fine. Take a look at the first photos of what the groom looks like that all came from Karlos and Lela’s wedding:

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