The hierarchy in the royal family, who is higher, Kate or Beatrice? And why does it keep changing?

Monarchies around the world follow rules that are hundreds of years old. They still determine many important issues in royal families. One of them is the hierarchy, which in England is determined according to the recommendations of 1595.

Blood Family Prime

In the 16th century, Queen Elizabeth I enacted a law that blood relations always take precedence in the family. At the top of the monarchy is always the monarch.

All other members of the extended family submit to him. But even among them a certain order applies, so that it is always clear who must submit to whom.

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A rare photo released by the British royal family on the occasion of the baptism of the youngest heir to the throne, Prince George Source: TASR/AP

This applies to routine matters such as meals or the organization of parties, but also to trifles such as, for example, bowing to a higher-ranking member of the monarchy.

Due to this regulation, which has not been changed so far, direct blood family members will always move up this hierarchy.

They don’t get a position by giving up

These strict rules mainly concern the female generation. Thus, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle will never be superior to the Queen’s granddaughters. And this despite the fact that they are married to princes who have a greater right to the royal throne.

“Royal women who married there like Kate and Meghan got a title through marriage and because of that they are in an inferior position to those who were born with their titles.”

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Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, Wimbledon final, 2018 Source: Profimedia

“Essentially, this anarchy exists to ensure that princesses who are born with royal blood, like Eugenia and Beatrice, aren’t a bit of a pushover,” explained Wendy Bosberry-Scott, a family expert. English royal. .

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Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice Source: Profimedia

They have priority everywhere

According to this expert, it is mostly visible at public events. If Kate appeared there in the company of princesses, then she is automatically subordinate to them.

For this reason, he must give priority to them both at the door, and also when they are standing together somewhere, the two princesses must be in the foreground in front of the Duchess. They must comply with it despite the future arrival of William on the throne.

When does the exception apply?

Royal family etiquette is often very complicated. This is due to the many exceptions that apply to it. And because of this, even though duchesses have to submit to princesses, there are situations where their symbolic order in the hierarchy is reversed.

This happens when they are in the company of their husbands. Since William and Harry both have a higher status, at this time their partners are also in the same position. So if, for example, Beatrice and Eugenia appear with them, they must now prioritize Kate and Meghan.

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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton, London, 2018 Source: Profimedia

Camilla has the highest status

She has no royal blood, but the other women in the family still have to submit to her. Camilla has the advantage of being the wife of the direct heir to the royal crown. For this reason, the rule of consanguinity is abolished, giving him a higher status.

She even has the title Princess of Wales, which she doesn’t officially use. William’s wife will enjoy the same benefits when Prince Charles takes the royal seat and the family hierarchy gets a new deal again. A big question is also which of the two duchesses is subservient to the other.

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The Royal Family – Kate Middleton, Prince William, Camilla and Prince Charles at the premiere of the film No Time to Die in London Source: Reuters

In this case too, the order is determined according to the spouses. So, because of that, Kate is in a higher position than Meghan. Although she herself does not require it, this arrangement must be followed in public.

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