The Series Walkthrough: Find out how the stars of the popular series changed, what we can still see today

Carol is one sexy grandma! Do you watch Step by Step? Carol still looks amazing today!

They returned to the screens after years

Fans of the Step by Step series have something to rejoice about! Popular actors have returned to television screens after years, so you can follow the fate of Carol and Frank’s large family again on Mark√≠za.

You have been able to see the Step by Step series on TV screens since 1991, in seven entertaining series. It has become a kind of classic for people and is one of the most popular. Did you also watch how Carol and Frank’s famous children grew up? See what movie stars look like today!

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You can still watch the popular series Step by Step on television Source: Profimedia

Carol and Frank were married and each had three children. However, the family split into two camps as the children hate each other and do not agree with their parents’ marriage. They argue, they do despite each other and the only thing that unites them is that they want to separate their parents. Funny family situations are responsible for the fact that the series has grown in the hearts of viewers.

Funny quotes, Cody laughing, Dana being too smart, Karen putting up with beauty or Al being more of a tomboy. No wonder, because she grew up with only boys. The family has gradually managed to bring all the children together, although by the end of the last series they can quarrel and breakups are the order of the day. Find out how popular characters from the show have changed!

Photo gallery

Suzanne Somers in Steps and Today (photo: Courtesy Everett Collection) Source: Instagram, Profimedia

Suzanne SomersCarol

Suzanne never seems to age. Her granddaughter also added a photo herself on Instagram, where she and Suzanne look more like sisters, at most a mother and her daughter, but a grandmother? Look how she still has a beautiful figure today! Even her granddaughter admitted Suzanne was hot.

Patrick Duffy (Frank)

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Suzanne Somers and Patrick Duffy in the Step by Step and Today series Source: Profimedia

Sasha MitchellCody

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Sasha Mitchell in the Step by step and today series Source: Instagram, Profimedia

Staci KeananDana

Photo gallery

Staci Keanan as Dana in Step by Step and After Years Source: Profimedia

Do you still remember her boyfriend Richi? This is what it looks like today!

Angela WatsonKaren

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Angela Watson in the series Step by step and today Source: Instagram, Profimedia

Brandon’s Call (JT)

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Brandon Call as JT in the series Footsteps and today Source: Instagram, Profimedia

Christine Lakin (Al)

Photo gallery

Christine Lakin as Al in Step by Step and Today (2021) Source: Instagram, Profimedia

You can see more photos of the actors from the series Step by Step in the photo gallery:

And the actors who would like to stop time? Do you also recognize them, that they still look the same? See:

Photo Do they know the elixir of youth? Look, these celebrities haven’t changed at all over the years

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