The Slovak singer has principles after marriage: if I have to be here, then with the name I have now, that is Sima Magušinová

The Slovak singer found happiness alongside former YOG On the Edge TV presenter Michal Magušin.

A wife, and already a mother?

Simona Martausová, now Magušinová (34) and her husband Michal Magušin have been together since 2019, they have been married since 2021 and according to everything, they should be parents now. However, the couple are very protective of their privacy and Sima only revealed her pregnancy in a music video and didn’t tell her anything more. See in the photo gallery the only photos with a belly and those with which they confirmed the marriage, Sima was a beautiful bride:

However, since she is already performing without a belly, we can only assume and believe that everything went well and the Magušin couple are now happy parents. Fans often congratulate them on the baby in the comments and wish the whole family happiness, but the couple still haven’t given up on their principle and haven’t revealed anything, even though Sima is already making public appearances.

Photo gallery

One of the first performances of this year that we could see. Simona Magušinová (Martausová), The Sun in the Network gala evening, April 9, 2022 Source: Zdenko Hanout

The end of an era

However, when it comes to music, singing, concerts and her work, as well as her great love for Slovakia, mountains, nature and tourism, Simona regularly shares these photos and information from her life. His profile was therefore very popular, but a big change has occurred in recent days!

Despite a huge following, an already accumulated hit, which many influencers would keep in mind, Simona decided to cancel her old profile for a rather simple and prosaic reason. Although it was not a problem on Facebook and the change took place, Instagram could not rewrite her name in the profile even after verification, so she did not hesitate, canceled the old profile despite the success and decided to slowly build a new profile, just like Sima Magušinová:

In the world of social media, this kind of thing doesn’t happen often, that someone drops their profile like that, but it just says that Sima is a woman of principles, and that she really respects the values ​​that she talks and sings, and she doesn’t just talk about it… Maybe even more so after the negative experience that took place all over Slovakia: Slovak singer Sima Magušinová has become the target of a public insult this time, on Twitter she…

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