The son of a famous actor and our MISS Denisa Mendrejová surprised! After the breakup, they shone together in Karlovy Vary: Are they a new top couple?

She surprised! For a few months, no man appeared alongside the Slovak beauty. But that’s already in the past! Former Miss Universe SR 2009 Denisa Mendrejová has finally shown up with her new partner.

Denisa Mendrejová next to her new love

The 56th year of the KVIFF film festival started in Karlovy Vary last weekend. Every year it attracts famous film, music and sports personalities from all over the world. Famous Slovak model Denisa Mendrejová also accepted the invitation to KVIFF this year. After breaking up with her boyfriend Slavomír Hatin Jr., with whom she has two children, the former Misska appeared on the red carpet alongside her new man, the son of Jiří Bartoška – Janek Bartoška.

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Janek Bartoška and Denisa Mendrejová, Karlovy Vary, 56th annual MFFKV, 1.7. 2022 Source: Profimedia

How long have they been together?

Neither the charismatic blonde nor the sympathetic son of the president of the Karlovy Vary film festival have yet commented on their relationship. However, according to the information available, Mendrejová has been living with a man with our Czech neighbors for several weeks.

However, Mendrejová not only drew attention to his top partners in Vary, but also to his exemplary figure. Although the 36-year-old model is a mother of two, her figure can be envied even by colleagues a decade younger. A well-chosen dress from the atelier of Slovak fashion designer Janka Pištejová also helped Denise achieve her Hollywood look. A day later, Mendrejová showed up in a black dress by Michael Kováčik.

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Denisa Mendrejová and Iva Pazderková Source: Instagram

A photo from the past, is Denisa just another blonde? They ask bad tongues

Bartoška is no stranger to our Czech neighbours. In the past, he was in a relationship with, for example, the Czech blogger Hana Drozdová, with whom he broke up last year.

Bartošek certainly doesn’t need female attention even these days, but the fact is that he also seems to be very happy alongside Mendrejová, despite Czech media claiming about him that Janek clearly has a soft spot. for blondes and in 2017 at the KVIFF festival he showed hand in hand with top model Karolína Kurková, and in 2019 on the colonnade with a well-known actress, see in the photo gallery:

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