The well-known actress’ alcoholism has taken many by surprise, but she’s not alone: ​​These celebrities have also publicly admitted to their addiction issues, which has been an eye-opener?

Sometimes fame takes its toll and the pace of life with constant attention can lead a person to make bad decisions. Do you know which stars have openly spoken about their struggle with alcoholism or drug addiction?

Names like Charlie Sheen and Johnny Depp have long been associated with addictive substances, but few people knew about the problems some stars had. Actress Hayden Panettiere, who was previously in a relationship with Wladimir Klitschko, was recently shocked by admitting her struggle with addiction. The popular actress admitted to being an alcoholic, little knew it: When I woke up, I could function…

These famous faces have also spoken openly about their struggles with addiction:

bradley cooper

The A Star Is Born actor also shared a bit of his own life story. He shared an alcohol addiction with the main character. He quit drinking at age 29, realizing that if he continued, he would be sabotaging his entire life.

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Bradley Cooper and his mother Gloria Campano, Oscars, LA, California, March 2022 Source: Profimedia

Lana Del Rey

The singer started drinking excessively as a teenager and has admitted in several interviews that she had been drinking since she was just 14 years old. She drank alcohol every day, and her parents eventually sent her to boarding school. She ended up in a drug treatment center just four years later.

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Lana Del Rey during the concert (Glastonbury Festival 2014) Source: Profimedia

Zac Efron

The actor checked into rehab in 2013, admitting he drank too much. Later, he talked about becoming a Hollywood star when he was just 20 and everything fell on him. He also started seeing a therapist and Alcoholics Anonymous sessions. It took three years before he began to get a sense of the new structure of his life.

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Zac EfronSource: Profimedia


Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers, nearly died of a methadone overdose in 2007. He later entered rehab and was 14 years sober in April 2022.

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Eminem Source: Profimedia

Christine Davis

Kristis Davis is also a teetotal alcoholic. The actress has never hidden it, but many people don’t know her, since she won her battle with alcohol before becoming famous.

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Kristin Davis shared her problem with hair loss. Source: Profimedia

Robert Downey Jr.

Unlike stars who shocked by admitting alcoholism, Robert Downey Jr. he fought this battle in front of the public eye. In the late 1990s, he was repeatedly arrested by the police for drug trafficking, until he ended up in a rehab center. He’s been sober since and says it’s harder to get out of it than to quit. He realizes that a lot of people won’t be able to handle this fight. However, the popular actor managed to do it.

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Robert Downey Jr. Source: Profimedia

Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith also had a less serious drinking problem, but still. However, she realized in time that something was wrong when she noticed that she usually drank two bottles of wine alone on the couch at home.

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Jada Pinkett Smith at the Critics’ Choice Awards 2022 Source: Profimedia

Daniel Radcliffe

The popular actor, who plays the character of the wizard Harry Potter, also admitted to having alcohol problems. He had alcohol problems right after filming the saga, when he didn’t know what direction his life was going to take. He worked on his role for many years, so he couldn’t function in a world without Harry Potter.

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Daniel Radcliffe and his partner Erin Darke (Annual Tony Awards, 2014) Source: Profimedia

Demi Lovato

The singer has been open about her struggle with addiction for several years, and her story is one of the most famous after she was found overdosing in her home and fighting for her life. Demi says the battle with addiction is a long-distance race and she has to constantly work on herself to be able to cope with this problem.

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Demi Lovato in the documentary Source: Profimedia

Ben Affleck

Ben’s drinking problems are neither new nor secret. The actor struggled with addiction for many years – he first entered rehab in 2001, then worked on himself until 2017 to stay sober. At the time, he wrote on his Facebook that he had overcome alcohol, but he knows that this problem will not just go away. he wanted to focus on himself and be the best father he could be. Finally, a year later, his ex-wife Jennifer Garner again took him to rehab.

Now it looks like Ben Affleck is having one of the happiest times of his life alongside his old love Jennifer Lopez.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival 2021 Source: Profimedia

Singer Jessica Simpson (41) shared a candid photo that surprised her. Although it was four years ago, no one recognizes her. But it was his first day without alcohol:

Photo Maybe it’s not even her? The famous singer surprised fans not only with her appearance, but also with her strength…

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