They recently played husband and wife, today they said YES even in private! Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons got married in secret

Another secret wedding in show business. Hollywood’s favorite couple decided to take their relationship to the next level after years. Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons have finally exchanged their wedding vows. They even managed to hide the wedding from journalists and fans.

Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons – secret wedding in Jamaica reporters have successfully tracked the hottest news. A source close to them confirmed that Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons exchanged their wedding vows last weekend. There was no public information before they were about to take this important step in their relationship. They managed to keep it a secret thanks to the fact that they arranged the wedding in Jamaica.

This source revealed that they chose the luxurious GoldenEye Resort in Ocho Rios as the wedding venue. The journalists also posed their questions to the managers of the actor couple. The actress’ representative finally said that the news of the marriage was indeed true. However, he declined to reveal any additional information. Kirsten and Jesse are strict about their privacy. Maybe in time they will share photos and details of their big day with their fans.

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Kirsten Dunst and Jesse PlemonsSource: Profimedia

They were called husband and wife

Doubts about the marriage of these two actors have also arisen in the past. After the first year of dating, Plemons got down on one knee and proposed to Dunst. Since then, the well-known beauty wore a wedding ring on her finger, but they didn’t take their relationship any further. However, in February, they unexpectedly revealed that they now call each other husband and wife.

This led fans to believe that they were probably keeping the wedding a secret and just revealing it in public. Later, however, they expressed that they would like to get married, but the pandemic situation prevented them from doing so. When conditions permitted and they were able to invite all of their loved ones to the wedding, they treated each other to a romantic trip to Jamaica, which resulted in the exchange of wedding vows.

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Kirsten Dunst and Jesse PlemonsSource: Profimedia

They were a couple for seven years

Kirsten and Jesse met seven years ago while filming Fargo. Since then, they have been one of Hollywood’s most stable couples. Although they got engaged very quickly, it took them much longer to take the next step. In the meantime, they have become parents twice. They have two boys at home. Elder Ennis celebrated his fourth birthday, young James was born last year. Because of this, their wedding plans slowed down a bit, as they were waiting for their son to grow up a bit.

They also played husband and wife in front of the cameras

Interestingly, even though the actors actually only got married last weekend, they’ve tried out for the role a few times onscreen already. They even played husband and wife right after they first met. They also played a couple in the series Fargo, and this situation then repeated itself once again.

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Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons also starred together in the Fargo series, 2014 Source: Profimedia

They last appeared as husband and wife in the hit movie Power of the Dog. Kirsten introduced herself as Rose, who played the wife of one of the Burbank brothers. He was portrayed by Jesse Plemons. The two partners were even nominated for an Oscar for their fantastic performances in front of the cameras.

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Despite the pandemic, which has slowed down their private and professional schedules, they are living very happy times. They managed to get prestigious nominations, their second son was born, and they ended it all with a wedding in Jamaica. Check out more snaps of Kirsten and Jesse in the photo gallery:

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