Twins can’t deny each other! However, it is impossible to ignore the luxury to which they have offered themselves: will the twins be like the Kardashians?

The well-known Slovak sisters, known for years as the singing duo Twiins, are starting a new chapter in their lives. After relationships that didn’t work out, they both decided to fend for themselves and start their own home. As they gradually reveal, it’s more than clear that luxury is something they adore!

A beautiful house that they appreciate

Daniela Nízlová (35) returned from Italy after breaking up with Stanislav Lobotek, Veronika Nízlová (35) also lived with her parents near Levice after an earlier divorce. The sisters don’t hide the close bond they have together, after all, they are twins, which is why it probably came as no surprise to anyone that when they decided to become independent, they did it together:

Final details and accessories

What is interesting, however, is that the twins do not deny themselves even when it comes to decorating the house, their rooms are almost identical! At the same time, the luxury they have indulged in cannot be overlooked, and their photos in their new home are very reminiscent of the famous Kardashian sisters, known as the ones who always look luxurious in their luxurious residence.

Photo gallery

Daniela showed off such a room and the rest of the house with her sister, as well as her daughter Linda’s bedroom, Photo: IG/danielatwiins Source: Instagram

Take a look in the photo gallery of the latest photos of the house, which apparently does not even have a jacuzzi, and when you look at all the details, you cannot object anything more than beauty:

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