War of female influencers? Nela Slováková dressed as a well-known Slovak: You are just an ordinary copycat!

Does it seem to you that Instagram has been silent for too long? The next female influencer war is already looming on the horizon. This time, Nela Slováková has pretended to be Slovak because she steals her ideas and pretends that she is just an ordinary impersonator, who will never achieve anything.

Nela Slováková is not one of the women who are afraid to express her opinion and has repeatedly found herself in an argument that began with an exchange of opinions on social networks. Lula Gachulincová (now Lucia Almaksus after her marriage), who was also involved in the recent influencer war, where her “opponent” was Bianka Rumanová, is also not afraid to speak out. Since Nela hit Lula first, we can probably count on another Instagram war and it’s only a matter of time before Lula fights back.

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Nela Slováková with her dog Lotty Source: Instagram: nelaslovakova

Is someone constantly stealing their ideas?

Nela Slováková has already pointed out several times that her followers alert her to the fact that there are women on Instagram who copy her style and her business plan. This time Lula was supposed to copy his idea. “If there’s one thing I hate, it’s people who don’t have their own idea, people who hang around and can’t create their own entertainment, product or idea. Inspiration and repetition are two different things don’t send me videos of people who have been in my life and thank goodness are no longer there cause i’m ashamed to see it someone is constantly following in my footsteps karma is free i find It’s extremely funny, it really makes me sick,” Nela said on Instagram.

Nela doesn’t like that Lula copied her video

Only a little later it turned out that Nela always had in mind the Slovak influencer Lulu, who, like Nela, has her own company, has a series of her own products and is also not afraid to post more daring photos on Instagram. However, Nela doesn’t like that she completely copied her idea, how she promoted her swimsuit and filmed the same video in it while washing the car.

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Lula Gachulincová does business on Instagram with her own brand. Source: Instagram

“That’s usually when people can’t make up their minds. Then there will always be ordinary copycats who won’t get anything. Instagram is full of them. You don’t need to dwell on it, just smile,” Nela replied to a comment in which someone in the audience warned her that Lula was repeating herself.

And what does the mentioned video and the other look like?

Is it an innocent inspiration? The whole thing revolves around a video Nela posted in May, saying she didn’t want to post boring swimsuit ads and tried something bolder. After all, Nela Slováková always makes sure her products are as sexy as possible.

Here is Nely’s video:

Subsequently, a week ago, a similar video appeared on Instagram, in which Lula presents a swimsuit while washing a car. She shows the collection in a cut like Nela.

Watch Luly’s video:

What do you think? Is it a coincidence or did Lula take too much inspiration from Nela and end up stealing her whole idea so to speak? Lula hasn’t commented on Nela’s lyrics yet, maybe she will in time. In the interview, Nela revealed more about her life and told us about her clothing style and her relationship:

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