We also have stars as daring as JLo in Slovakia: Diana Mórová is her age and also poses topless!

In recent days, photos of singer diva Jennifer Lopez have been circulating around the world.

Summer cravings for daring photos?

There wouldn’t be anything special about it if it weren’t for the photos in which newlywed Ben Affleck is completely naked, and if they weren’t released on her 53rd birthday. Because this age is amazing considering how amazing she looks, watch the video:

Even our stars are sexy and have no problem showing off

Currently, however, JLO isn’t the only one with a tendency to pose nude, or topless, or at least dressed really sexy. It’s summer and vacation time, and many famous Slovak women are not shy about showing off:

Photo Diva.sk After a series of sexy photos in a bathing suit, completely naked: Nela Pocisková has completely revealed herself!

Diana Mórová in swimsuit and topless

Today they were joined by almost the same age as Jennifer Lopez, Slovak actress Diana Mórová. She is also enjoying her vacation and boldly added a topless photo to her Instagram story, check it out and also remember Diana last performed brilliantly in Let’s Dance and before that in as an actress who also starred alongside her former love Tomáš Maštalír, photos in the photo gallery:

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